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Writing and submitting a scoring academic essay in college is quite critical and challenging for most of the students. Hence, they opt for online help for their academic essay from our experts. If you also find yourself on the same wavelength, then take our academic essay writing service and get assured of nothing less than an A grade in your assessment.

Throughout your academic career, you must have been taught over and over again that the skills that you learn in classroom stay with you for life and help you enhance your professional experience as well. But honestly, this is not always the case. Although essay writing helps to improve language and writing ability, it is not an essential skill. Thus, do not be embarrassed or ashamed of admitting that you don’t have enough time, or lack sufficient knowledge to write a top-notch paper. Instead, take academic essay writing help from the team of experienced and professional writers of Instant Assignment Help.

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How to Answer Different Questions While Writing an Academic Essay?

The academic essay has a specific set of norms, rules, and conventions that a writer has to follow while preparing it. The primary motive of these essays is to persuade the audience into a reasoned discourse. An effective essay consists of a particular argument and defends it by using concrete evidence and reasons that are clearly demonstrated.

As explained by our online academic essay writers, a typical write-up includes several kinds of data and information that are placed in different parts or sections. To write an ideal essay, it is better to think of its each section as an answer to a series of questions that readers might encounter while going through it. Here are the major three questions that you must acknowledge in your document:


The first query to anticipate from readers is ‘what’? What is the topic of concern in your write-up? What are the shreds of evidence that describe your phenomena as fact and truth? To respond to these questions, make sure to prominently explain your subject matter, examine all the evidence, and check whether they demonstrate the truth of the claim or not. Our academic essay helpers suggest that the ‘what’ section comes early in the essay, mostly after the introduction. Since it reports what the writer has observed during the whole writing and research process, there might be a lot to say in this passage. But it shouldn’t take more than one-third of the complete write-up.


After you claim your points, the readers would like to know the extent of the truth of it. The corresponding question to this is ‘how.’ How your thesis could stand strong against the challenges of counterargument? How it changes the perspective of the audience and provides a new way of looking at the things? Usually, each essay includes at least one ‘how’ section and comes after ‘what.’ As this segment is quite complicated, students avoid this strenuous task and ask for our help with their academic essay.


The readers would want to know the reason why your interpretation should matter to anyone else besides you. This question allows the audience to comprehend your essay topic and explains the significance of your essay. Although the writer hints at this query in the introduction part, the complete response is mentioned in the end. Leaving it or missing it might make your write-up incomplete, absurd, or pointless.

Acknowledging each and every question in the academic essay effectively is not a cakewalk for all the scholars. Hence, they face poor grades at the time of assessment as they fail to achieve the set standard. The best academic essay help service from us is their last resort in such scenarios, and many of them have garnered top-grades from subject professors. Now, it’s your turn to make your dreams come true by availing our writing service for your academic essay.

Key Ingredients to Write a Scoring Academic Essay

There must be a clear sense of argument in every academic writing because it makes our thoughts visible. The ideas that you encounter must be put in such an order that readers receive them in the same way you want them to and also respond to the content. This makes the academic essay logical yet playful at the same time. Our experts of academic essay who offer writing help to students are adept at producing such high-quality paper. They have listed a few components of a compelling essay. Read below:

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Motive and Idea

A well-written essay is not complete until it has a motive or purpose. Writing an academic essay is not about transferring information and facts from one place to another, or showing off that you mastered a subject matter. Instead, it must include researching the original idea time and again, performing an experiment, and observing the outcomes. When you engross yourself in the material, you discover patterns and start unfolding questions. From numerous possibilities, you can find the most promising idea for your college paper. Ascertain that it is original and unique because there is no point in discussing something which is trivial, already known, or already accepted.

Thesis and Development

A thesis is a critical point that you are trying to make in your academic essay by using evidence. Your professor may not ask you to come up with a thesis statement and defend it, but this is an unspoken requirement of your scholastic document. We understand that finalizing a thesis is a taxing task and generates anxiety amongst scholars, so taking assistance from academic essay writers is the convenient way. They ensure to establish originality along with writing discipline throughout the process. The experienced helpers of academic essay suggest the best way to spark readers’ curiosity at the beginning of the write-up is by asking questions and then building a strong case for a valid data.

The Tension of Argument

When we talk about arguments in an essay, it doesn’t imply combative fireworks. The primary focus of the writer must be on making a case to convince a reasonable person. So, the writing process starts with collecting and classifying the evidence and then mentioning them in your write-up with other supporting details. Do not forget to review the counterarguments that can be used against your point and anticipate objections.

The Structure of Argument

Structuring the academic essay correctly is the trickiest task of academic essay writing process. One has to persuade, set the stage, give a context, and identify the method to reveal the evidence. Remember to describe the objective of the essay swiftly by asking a question that leads to the thesis statement. According to our academic essay helpers, it must come within the first two pages of the write-up. The most commonly used structure of the essay is deductive where you start with generalization and then provide support for it. This format can be applied to paragraph and an entire essay as well. Another possible pattern is inductive which includes facts, instances, observations that are reviewed and a conclusion is drawn.

If you think that any of the above-mentioned steps is difficult for you to handle, then get in touch with our academic essay writing service providers without much ado. Rest assured that you will get a paper that will be ranked second to none.

Points to Remember While Working on the Essay

Academic essay writing doesn’t only include jotting down key points and justifying them with appropriate evidence and facts. There is a proper procedure to be followed to come up with a document that can score top-grades. While we cannot speak for our peers, we guarantee you that our writers adhere to the set guidelines as they work on your academic essay. Here is a sneak peek at their writing procedure:

Research the topic

As soon as you place the order and finalize the topic, our writers of academic essay start collecting the relevant information regarding the subject matter from the authentic and reliable sources. After that, they review each of the gathered data critically and eliminate the irrelevant or unreliable ones instantly. We prefer to incorporate primary sources wherever possible or applicable.

Construct the essay

The first step to the writing part of an academic essay is creating the thesis statement where a writer needs to explain the argument in clear and concise terms in one to two sentences. Then you move on to organizing your thoughts by making an outline which includes an introduction, body content, and conclusion.

Follow the instructions

When you register yourself with us, we ask you to mention your specifications in the form so that we can write your academic essay accordingly. While helping you with your academic essay, we take care of the formatting style, university guidelines, word count, citation style, etc. In case we are unable to comprehend something, we will contact you immediately to clarify the queries.

Add the finishing touches

Our academic essay writing service providers pay attention to even the smallest details. That is why before considering the document finished, they go through it to make it well-structured. They check the order of the paragraphs making sure that the most cogent points are included in the first and last passages. The next step is to double check every step and instructions that are followed so as to not miss the significant ones. Then, the academic essay is sent to the quality assurance team.

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Polish your write-up

Our team of proofreaders and editors reads the draft to check it for grammatical mistakes, technical issues, and spelling slip-ups. The experts of Instant Assignment Help ascertain that the write-up is written in an appropriate speech without any use of slang, clichés, overly emotional or judgmental language. Once they approve the content, it is dispatched to the client.

We know that all these requisites are tiresome and time-consuming for college-goers. Hence, it is better to take academic essay help from the experienced writers who have been offering writing assistance to the students based in Gulf countries, such as Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc., for years now.

Why Should You Select Our Academic Essay Writing Help?

With myriads of writing service providers across the internet, you might wonder why we are considered as one of the leading academic essay helpers by students. Well, all the credit goes to our devoted team that has successfully built trust with the clients and to all our clients who gave us a chance to prove our excellence in this industry. If you haven’t taken our academic essay writing service yet, then read further to know more about us:

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There is hardly any reason left for you to not seek our academic essay help. So, connect with us via phone call, email, live chat, or mobile application and get yourself registered with us without wasting a minute. We are waiting to help you with all our might.


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