5 College Myths That Aren’t True

5 false beliefs about college education

college myth

There are a lot of rumors running about college education these days which are absolutely untrue. College is a place where students go to learn and acquire knowledge, but due to radicalization amongst the Internet users there has been a rise in terms of social media content that defames the reputation of academic institutions. In the recent decade, a downslide in the number of scholars enrolled in colleges has been witnessed, and it is considered to be the aftermath of the myths that have influenced people. In this blog, our team brings you five such false beliefs that are absolutely untrue and you should not believe in them.

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You can’t afford college

College education can be quite expensive and there is no doubt about it but you need to realize that it is not something that is meant only for rich people. Almost half of the global population of college scholars come from a middle-class background. But to help those students with it, government organizations provide additional funds. Also, students can take several other advantages like scholarships, loans, and grants.

Only geniuses can get the scholarship

This too is one of the myths that is absolutely untrue. It is believed that scholars who score tremendously well can only enjoy the luxury of scholarship but the reality is different and anyone can grab this opportunity. There are various colleges that provide scholarship to students on the basis of athletic abilities, final term scorecards, assignment writing grades, etc. If you have performed well in any of the fields, then you can easily get a scholarship.

Only famous colleges are worth attending

Most people believe colleges that hold high reputation and have a decorated past are the only ones that can assure bright future. But in reality, you need to find a college that suits best for your requirements or the one that has the potential to provide you with appropriate resources that are helpful. Popularity or fame is not the scale to measure the credibility of an academic institute.

You can’t waste a year

Students are often seen rushing to colleges just after completing their school, but you can take a break if you want. Missing college for even an year is considered harmful as it can deprive you of the timely opportunities to grow, but some studies have shown that starting college education a bit late or after a break is equally productive.

You need to be sure of your goals before choosing a major

This is something that is quite arguable. The Majority of people think that you have to be extremely focused while deciding a major but a few think that’s something which doesn’t deserve a thought. You would be surprised to know that almost three fourth of the college-goers make career in the field that wasn’t their sphere of study in college. So it is a misconception that you have to be sure about your future before opting for a major.

Hope you learned about a few college myths and the reality that exists. Stay tuned for more such informative blogs.

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