Adjectives That We All Must Use Often in Our Conversations

Seven uncommon adjectives to spice up your speech

Adjectives Must Use in Conversations

An average person speaks approximately 16000 words, and we can assure you that 15,800 words are just useless and waste of breath. Terms like ‘I’ and “think’ are significant but just create monotony. If you ever take a look at thesaurus meticulously, then you can find numerous words that we probably don’t know or never use in everyday conversations. These words enhance the quality of your speech and write-ups.

Today, in this blog we have discussed a few adjectives that you probably might not be familiar with. Take a look:


Here is a word to refer something which is difficult to express in words. Confused? Well, let us explain. We all have been in a situation or experienced a feeling which is so overwhelming and extraordinary that we are not able to find the correct words to convey our thoughts. But now we can easily put it in words and the adjective we all have been looking for is, ineffable.

For example, the ineffable natural beauty of Paris left me awestruck.


It is used to define the unquestionable or something which is impossible to doubt. Don’t you think this is one of the most fun words in the English language? We indubitably believe it is.

For example, All that he told you is indubitable fact.


If you are ever called frivolous, then do not be happy about it as this is definitely not a compliment for you. And we are certain that you would never want to do a frivolous task in your life. However, the best part is you got to learn a new adjective to use in your conversation and write-ups. This term implies having no serious goal or purpose. This word may sound a bit old-fashioned to you, but that doesn’t mean you must not use it to describe a friend who bought colorful ribbons and laces from the market for no reason at all.

For example, My dance class was nothing but frivolous.


It means to show or filled with great emotions. We all commonly use adjectives like heartfelt to show our best intentions, such as heartfelt apologies or heartfelt condolences, etc. This may be because it contains the term heart that it adds more emotion and feeling to what one is trying to convey to the other. However, we think that it is now overused that there is hardly any impact of this word. Thus, impassioned seems to carry more intensity as it is rarely used in everyday speech. A heartfelt situation or letter may make you cry, but an impassioned one can stir your soul and inspire you to take the right step. Also, once you start using this word more frequently, who knows you might become more impassioned yourself.

For example, This letter made an impassioned appeal for unity and peace.


Although this word means some situation or object that sounds gloomy, or dismal, it is quite impossible to stay sad while saying the word, lugubrious. It may be because it rhymes with a contradictory word 'hilarious' or its use in the Disney movie, Hercules where a goofy pink minion used it to address his master, “Coming, your most lugubrious-ness!” We are not sure.

For example, Today she looked even more lugubrious than ever.


To show cheerful or casual indifference and often considered as callous. A blithe person has a carefree attitude and easily finds joy through his approach in life and hardly takes anyone else into consideration.

For example, He showed blithe disregard for the college rules.


Something which lasts for a short time, short-lived. Some of you may wonder that why to use such a complicated, twisting word to describe a situation or joy that will be over the moment you would say the word. Well, we think this word sounds eloquent and is the perfect adjective for the little pleasures that we used to get in our childhood from small things like a walk in the park.

For example, The world had the ephemeral obsession with the song “Who Let the Dogs Out.”

Trust us, the English language is chock-full of interesting and fun words that can express your emotions, situations, thoughts in a new way. Also, the use of these unique terms will enhance the quality of your academic papers.

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