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Algebra is a branch of mathematics that is all about finding the value of x’s and y’s, be it unknown variables or complicated equations. Along with geometry, number theory, and analysis, it is also one of the major parts of math that studies the symbols and rules to manipulate them. It showcases problems that are explained in terms of constant and variables. It includes everything whether it is elementary equation solving or the study of abstractions, like rings and fields. As a student of this branch, you must always find yourself wondering about the value of x and y which often makes it a tedious subject for the majority of people. But in spite of how annoying and irrelevant it seems, algebraic concepts have been applied to solve numerous real-life problems. If you can learn the various rules that are required to perform different operations, then you will find this field can be fascinating and straightforward for you.

To make you more familiar with algebra and help you to know more about it, our subject experts have jotted down some interesting facts about this subject. Read below to know more:

Origin of the word

The word Algebra has been taken from the Arabic word “al-jebr,” extracted from the book “Hidab al- jabrwal- muqubala” by a mathematician named Arab-Mohammed ibn-Musa in 825 AD. It was in the 15th century that the term al-jabr was included in the English language as algebra. The term means ‘reunion of broken parts.’ The roots of this subject are dated back to 1900BC, and it was believed that it was started by the Babylonians.


As our algebra homework help professionals mentioned earlier that Babylonians were the pioneers of Algebra, they intended to develop an advanced system in arithmetic to solve calculations. They created formulas to get solutions to arithmetic problems that now use linear equations, indeterminate linear equations, and quadratic equations to decipher the answer. Originally, algebra was used to refer to a surgical procedure; it is still used in the same sense in Spanish. But the mathematical meaning was developed later in the 16th century with the work of Francois Viete.

famous francois viete


Algebra is a subject that can give any student a headache, but think how crazy are the people who specialize in this subject. Well, these brilliant ones are known as algebraists.

Disciplines of the subject

The basic part of algebra is known as elementary algebra, and other abstract ones are called abstract or modern algebra. Elementary algebra is used in the fields, such as science, mathematics, engineering, economics, and medicine. The later one is applied in advanced mathematics, primarily studied by professional mathematicians. The further classifications of abstract algebra are linear algebra, group theory, field theory, and ring theory.

algebra applications

Basketball and Algebra

It might sound strange, but the fact is basketball game has a close association with the field of algebra. Yes, and let us tell you how. The associate math professor of Davidson College, Tim Chartier developed an algebraic formula, especially for the NCAA basketball tournament. Also, the legendary NBA 24-second shot was created by using an algebraic equation.

algebra and basketball

Algebra and Hollywood

We all love Hollywood movies, don’t we? But do you know that there are certain movies or scenes that are inspired by algebra? The most famous one is from the Tom Hanks’s popular movie ‘Big.’ In a particular scene, his character helps a kid with his algebra assignment by applying the analogy of Basketball.

algebra impact in hollywood movies

Stages of Algebra

There are three stages of algebra, namely symbolic algebra, syncopated algebra, and rhetorical algebra. It was made a full-fledged discipline of mathematics at the end of the 16th century with the contribution of French mathematician, Francois Viete. It was a few years later that “new algebra” or “symbolic analysis” was started.

Addition and Subtraction

Two of the most prominent elements of an algebraic equation are the negative (-) and positive (+) signs. They were discovered in the 16th century, and since then have proved to be really important in performing most algebraic calculations. Before these signs were developed, people used to express such equations with written words which was a time-consuming process.

function of add and substract

Did you like reading some not so popular facts about algebra and knowing more about this subject? Well, we are sure you enjoyed it. For more such interesting and exciting blogs, stay tuned with us.

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