7 Signs That Being a Perfectionist Is Making Your Life Toxic

Know how perfectionism can sometimes play with your peace of mind

toxic life

Performing a certain task with perfection is good, but putting yourself under too much pressure and not forgiving yourself for your flaws simply causes immense mental stress. In this write-up, we have thrown light on how people tend to get affected by the perfectionist nature. Read further to know more:

1. You never feel perfect even when you are making a lot of effort.

Consider the example of a student who even after scoring the perfect A+ grade tends to get suicidal thoughts just because he now has the pressure to maintain the consistency in performance. This is a wrong attitude as one must celebrate their victories and choose to pat themselves for the good work done.

2. You refrain from accepting and celebrating your success.

It never seems good enough to you even when you have put in all your efforts, which eventually makes you feel angry and frustrated about whatever you are doing. Even when you tend to complete the set goals and the results are always in your favour, you believe that you could have done even better. If this continues for a long time, then one starts taking out flaws in whatever they do which tends to harm their mentality.

3. You never allow yourself to make any mistakes.

An individual that has a healthy mindset gives space for mistakes, while an extreme perfectionist doesn't forgive their mistakes. Instead of viewing the mistakes as a learning opportunity, the perfectionists tend to criticise themselves all the time and put themselves under extreme pressure just for not achieving the perfect outcome.

4. You always tend to insist that everything around you is perfect.

It has been observed that those who have a habit of being a perfectionist tend to fear the judgement of others. They always want others to perceive them as a perfectionist and fear about their image quite often. In this manner, they put themselves under a lot of societal pressure which badly affects their mental well-being.

5. You avoid taking on challenges that you know can lead to failure.

Perfectionists always like to stick with what they already know and do the things in their own way. If you are presented with an opportunity where you will have to develop some more skills or would need to do something outside your comfort zone, then you would choose to turn it down due to your perfectionist nature. You will always feel an anxiety about what you want to do which would eventually affect your mental behaviour and raise your stress levels.

6.You always feel disheartened at small failures

Being a perfectionist is probably the biggest illusion that you have in your mind and you rather need to stay relaxed. Enjoy the process of what is happening around you instead of feeling sad or disheartened if you have failed for a single time. So, live and let live.

7.You are not satisfied with your life

Perfectionists never happen to be satisfied with their lives and always keep complaining about what they don’t have. Moreover, they also compare themselves with others and always feel low about themselves which eventually pulls them back in life. This attitude at the end plays with your peace of mind and would only make you feel depressed over the course of time. So, just focus on yourself and never complain about your life.

Hope you now know how being a perfectionist all the time can change the way you see at things and can affect your well-being.

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