What Does Your Body Language Reveal About You?

Five secret signs that speak about your personality

Body Language Reveal About You

Every nation and state have their own language through which they communicate and interact with each other. Amidst so many different tongues, one language that is universal irrespective of national and international boundaries is body language. Whether you know it or not, people are always judging you on the basis of your gestures and body movements. They are reading your eyes, face, and signs for secret clues. How you carry yourself and behave, have a significant influence on the message that you convey without uttering a word, be it positive or negative. However, students often struggle with this language as they are not familiar with the hidden meanings behind different body signs. This further conveys the wrong message in their interviews, presentations, and debates.

To help students understand the body language, our assignment writing service providers have listed five signs that reveal personality traits. Read below to know more:


The practice and custom of shaking hands started from the times of Ancient Romans. Initially, people would hold each other’s forearms, and gradually it changed to reaching merely the palm. Handshakes signify trust and welcome, hence when somebody else initiates the gesture, it implies that he/she is pleased to meet you and welcome you. On the other hand, a weak handshake shows lack of commitment, determination, and interest. Moreover, cupping hands from below is the sign of sincerity/desire for closeness whereas using hand to cup a handshake from above is linked with dominance.

Drumming fingers

Most of us never give a deep thought when we start drumming our fingers on the table. We take it casually even if someone else is doing it. It doesn’t really mean something prominent to us. However, there is a hidden meaning behind it as doing so on the desk conveys a “loud and obvious message” of your frustration or impatience. In fact, many of us don’t even realize while doing it but it shows nervousness and anxiety when your body is unable to decide what to do with itself. Drumming fingers can also be done intentionally by dominant people to imply that they are not happy with something.

Crossed hands

Crossing the arms is one of the first body languages that we all learn about. It is an indication of someone being mad at you or they are stubborn, distant, anxious, insecure or defensive. We mostly relate all these emotions with crossed hands. However, there are some positive meanings too. According to studies, it shows that people with crossed arms are thirty percent more likely to stick with a difficult task and will try to solve the tricky situations. When you cross your arm, it utilizes your left and right brain and creates higher cognitive function. Therefore, next time you ask someone a tricky question and they cross the arms, so not assume them to be mad at you. Chance are that they are thinking about the answer.

Eye contact

Everyone believes that eyes can never lie, they have the ability to express one’s emotions clearly. The way they meet with others’ eyes indicates your interest, confidence, and honesty. Proper eye contact is important during interviews and formal meetings as it shows your attentiveness, but staring for too long is also not appropriate. Look for forty percent of the time, and it will signify deceit and eighty percent is too uncomfortable. However, this theory can vary according to countries. For example, If you ever visit Eastern Europe, you will find that it is normal for people to stare at others. This doesn’t imply that they are aggressive or creepy as most people can assume.


When you laugh or smile during conversations with your friends and peers, it can have a positive impact on your relationships. While you interact with others and smile every now and then, it improves your bond with that person and shows your friendly nature too. Furthermore, it has been proved that laughter defends your body against diseases and illness, builds the immune system, medicates the body, attracts more friends, and extends lifespan. All these factors jointly attract people towards you.

We hope that next time you go for an interview or class presentations, you will consider these body gestures. It will help you to keep your point more firmly and with confidence. This will be beneficial for you not only in your academic career but also in your professional growth.

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