Books That Strangely Predicted the Correct Future

These five books foresaw future events almost accurately

Future predications

We all like predictions, of course when they are good and love it when they come true. There have been some people who claim to foresee the future, be it Nostradamus who speculated the Great Fire of London or Mayans who prophesied the Earth’s end in 2012. In fact, history is full of such people who visualized the exact future. There are various mediums that are associated with forecasting, but one that we are going to discuss today is books. You heard it right, there are numerous real-life incidents that just came alive from the pages of some books.

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The Wreck Of The Titan: Or, Futility By Morgan Robertson

This is the one Titanic tale that stands out from thousands of books, articles, journals, and other features. Well, there are two reasons for this book being so noteworthy, first, it was written fourteen years before the actual Titanic sank, and second, the description about the ship’s features was almost unerring. In 1898, Morgan Robertson penned a story that was strangely so similar to its real-life counterpart that one would think of him as a clairvoyant. Other than the same name, the novel also described it as a marvel that is ahead of the time. Talking about other resemblances, the size of the Titanic was just 25 meters longer than the Titan and carried 20 lifeboats whereas latter had 24. Another striking similarity is that an iceberg struck both of them on the starboard side of the deck and coincidentally in the North Atlantic.

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury’s

In an intriguing book, Fahrenheit 451, writer Ray Bradbury mentioned a technological invention that we would not be able to live without and will distract our mind. We are talking about earphones. Although personal stereo didn’t exist until 1977, its concept was coined in this dystopian novel which was published in 1953. It described a society where people used “seashells” and “thimble radios,” which were similar to our modern life earbuds.

2001: A Space Odyssey By Arthur C. Clarke

Many of you might know 2001: A Space Odyssey solely as a movie, but there was a book that was written alongside the film by Arthur C. Clarke and was published after the movie release. It was a revised version of the script with a similar plot but not completely based on the deviation that it took. However, both of them give us a glimpse of a device which provides instant access to latest events and news across the world. It not only looked like an iPad but also worked like the one. The book and the movie were released in the same year, i.e., 1968 which is forty-two years before the first iPad was introduced, i.e., 2010.

Looking Backward: 2000–1887 By Edward Bellamy

Edward grew embittered by the economic and social turmoil that occurred in the 19th century. There were labor unions, hostility toward minority class, and violence against the working-class people. He poured all his emotions, opinions and advice regarding the future in the novel Looking Backward: 2000–1887. In this book, the protagonist Julian West wakes up in the year 2000 after being hypnotized into a deep sleep. The writer describes a utopian society where American goods are apportioned equally to people. He coined the concept of credit cards even before they were introduced. Although they were not exactly similar to the present day, it was used to acquire the necessary goods and services essential for a comfortable life. Honestly, only a person with an overactive imagination or a time traveler can think that far ahead.

From The Earth To The Moon By Jules Verne

Hitherto we have discussed the books that visualize the future events years before. But here is a book that predicted something centuries before-From The Earth To The Moon written by the father of the modern science fiction, Jules Verne. He mentioned the moon landing in his novel which sparkled curiosity about space traveling amongst the people. Apart from moon landing probability, there were some other weird and absurd parallel point too. The central character of the book believed that he could built a cannon and shoot it all the way to the moon and successfully raises enough fund for the same. The result was identical to the real-life Apollo capsule and can contain three space travelers, just as the one that was created over a hundred years later. The writer named the launched cannon as Columbiad and disturbingly in reality also command module was named Columbia. Another astounding similarity is the launch site of cannon which was Florida. Yes, it is crazy, but it is true.

By now, we are certain that you won’t be able to deny what we said earlier, i.e., books and writers are a great sources of predictions. You can search more such books on the internet that foresaw the incidents way ahead of their actual occurrence.

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