Four Facts That Show the Value of Chemistry in Everyday Life

Facts That Prove Chemistry’s Importance in Daily Life

Facts That Prove Chemistry’s Importance in Daily Life

As students, most of us have felt that chemistry is a tough nut to crack and always tried to get over with it. But, it’s not just about the chemical reactions in the laboratories, it exists everywhere and, plays an essential role in our lives without us knowing. Its existence can’t be ignored as it’s omnipresent. It is part of everything around us, from our bodies to the air we breathe, from the things we eat to the emotions we feel, each and everything consists of chemistry. If you still don’t get it, then read this blog by our academic writing experts who offer chemistry coursework help to understand its significance . Have a look:

The Composition of Our Body

human body composition.

Although chemistry surrounds us up to the hilt, but let’s start with our body itself. You will be surprised to know that you are nothing more than a sack of chemicals. Our body is mostly water which is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen. 99% of the total mass of our body is made up of six elements that are oxygen, hydrogen, calcium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. 0.85% of the rest 1% comprise potassium, sulphur, chlorine, magnesium, and sodium. And, each element mentioned above is necessary to life. So, if you want to get away from chemistry, then you have to get away from your body and we don’t know if that’s possible!

The Emotions We Feel

our emotions that we feel

After our body, let’s talk about the most important thing that distinguishes us from every other thing in this world- emotions. Chemistry also has a role to play in what you feel and why you do so. The emotions you feel are because of chemical transmitters, primarily neurotransmitters. The sweaty palms and pounding heart of infatuation are results of higher than normal levels of norepinephrine. Even the amazing feeling of being in love is because of the rush of dopamine and phenylethylamine. So, thank chemistry for all the feelings of love, envy, jealousy, because without it this world wouldn’t have been the same.

Soaps and Detergents

Soaps and Detergents

Think about the world if there were no soaps and detergents. The shine of our clothes, the cleanliness of our bodies and homes would not have been so easy. But, it's not a thing of concern because we have chemistry to help us. The soaps are potassium or sodium fatty acids salts which are a result of saponification which is a chemical reaction in which fats are hydrolyzed. Soaps are excellent at cleaning because of their ability to act as an emulsifying agent. Emulsifiers are capable of dispersing immiscible liquids into other liquids which helps in cleaning. So, chemistry deserves the credit for every compliment you get about your clothes.


You should be grateful to chemistry for the sunscreen that protects your precious skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Without it, you wouldn’t have dared to keep your feet outside your homes. But it’s not magic that your skin suffers minimal harm even on the hottest days if you use a sunscreen, it’s actually chemistry. Sunscreen is a combination of inorganic and organic chemicals to filter the sunlight so that minimal amount of it reaches the deeper layers of the skin. The SPF in it, stands for sun protection factor which determines the time you can be out in the sun without getting a sunburn. So, chemistry deserves the credit for the glow of your skin under the scorching heat of summers.

There are numerous other things where you can find the involvement of chemistry, but the above-mentioned ones are the fundamental things. And, understanding them would have given you a fair idea about the value that it adds to our daily lives. So, it proves that apart from complicated and grueling experiments in the laboratories, chemistry plays a huge role in our lives.

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