Don’t Lose Your Star Performers by Committing These HR Blunders

Five HR Blunders That Make Top Performers Quit Their Jobs

blunders that can make you loose good performers

‘Employees are a company’s greatest asset.’ This phrase really hit a strong nerve. Well, every company has its star employees who reach office early, work late hours, even show up on weekends, and never miss a boss’s call no matter what time it is. However, if they’re not treated the way they truly deserve, they’ll hardly find any reason to stay loyal to the organization, and would rather prefer to leave it.

As a student of human resource management, it’s crucial for you to learn about those blunders that make the best employees put down their papers. And we hope, in the future, you’ll not be the one responsible for excessive employee turnover. Without much ado, let’s get cracking.

Unjustified compensation

Needless to mention that money is one of the biggest motivating factors for employees. And when they don’t get paid enough for their efforts, they feel dissatisfied. Best workers do not leave any stone unturned to carry out the assigned tasks efficiently, and never take their jobs for granted, which naturally sets them apart from the rest. But when their efforts go unrewarded, they feel that all the blood, sweat, and tears they’d put in working for the betterment of the company have come to naught in the end. With time, their resolve to work harder slackens and they start hunting for jobs wherein they won’t be underpaid and overworked.

Unnecessary rules and policies

Every organization must devise policies to avoid wrongdoing, misconduct, and for creating a healthy and disciplined work environment. While making rules, a company should never just focus on its own good, but should also keep in mind the employees’ needs and preferences. No such policies can help flourish a company if they’re way irritating to abide by for staff members and make them feel like working in a prison cell. Other than this, if the management brings changes in the running policies with no prior notice, then also employees harbour trust issues which makes it difficult for them to continue working.

Not paying attention to employees’ grievance

Just as a company seeks extra support from their competent workers in trying times, employees also want their concerns and voices to be heard through thick and thin. When they find no one is paying attention to their grievances, they feel less important to the company. If an organization wants to boost long-term employee retention, then the HR department must take prompt action towards solving their problems.

Poor work-life balance

Good employees very well understand that no job comes without pressure and responsibilities, but if they’re overburdened with tasks, then certainly they will shrug everything off one day and prefer to quit because of humongous work load. Just because some staff members are highly efficient and perform each task incredibly well, doesn’t mean that they are the only ones in the organization who should be given all the roles to play.

Not promoting employees

Any company can bruise a relationship with star employees by keeping them stuck in the position they’re currently in even when the promotion comes the board. Every worker who is aware of his/her worth expects significant growth in the designation/job title along with the decent pay hike. But when something like this doesn’t happen, they’re left with no option but to leave the company.

Human resource managers blame the turnover problems on everything else under the sun instead of working on its root cause.

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