The Evolution of Mobile Phones

A brief timeline on the history of cell phones

mobile evolution

Everyone uses mobile phone these days and surprisingly, just like any other basic amenity it has grown to become an essential part of life. It was primarily meant for purpose of communication, but as the technology developed, its primary feature got outshined by the secondary or associate ones. Nowadays, you can use your cell phone to do anything, you would be surprised to know that a mobile company just developed an app that can check the blood sugar level in humans without puncturing any skin cell or tissue. Amazing, isn’t it? But we all know that this is something that didn’t happen overnight and took years of research and development techniques. So to enlighten you about the same, we bring you a brief history of mobile phones.

Let’s take a look!

The Radio phones

These were basically designed for military operations so that the troops can contact their base camps and ask for help. The radio phones were portable devices fitted with battery panel and could be carried along easily. These became popular in the 1960s as the first-ever device for distant wireless communication.

radio phone

The Brick phone

This was the first handy device that resembled the modern-day mobile phones. It was introduced in the 1980s and became an overnight sensation. It looked like a brick and weighed almost the same. It also had an LED display that can flash contact details and time.

The Excel model

The brick phone was useful, but had limitations regarding size and shape. It was quiet uneasy to carry, and thus a modified and more sleek version came out that was lighter and had a slimmer structure.

Clamshell mobile

Motorola revolutionized the whole wireless industry and brought about some of the most advanced designs. One of such was the clamshell, that had smaller shape and could easily fit into your pocket.

The Nokia series

Similar to Motorola, Nokia too was going strength to strength and launched the 101 series phone in the late 2000s that created a buzz all around the world. It looked somewhat like a domestic cordless receivers and offered a better connectivity with wider display screens.

nokia phone

The Flip phone

The mobile industry was booming with a high pace, and it was time to break the technological barriers, and thus came the flip phones which had a folding display panel just like a laptop. Motorola was the first company to introduce such devices. It had colored and high-resolution display with camera and other additional features.


Blackberry brought the business computing and mobile technologies together. It allowed the users to create their own network localized to limited devices and share data at very high speed.

The iPhone

In the year 2007, Apple launched the first of its kind smartphone that had an operating system and a whole lot of features that were something nobody had ever witnessed. It brought along a storm in the entire industry, and marked the beginning of a new era in mobile technologies.

iphone mobile

The smartphones and Android

Soon after Apple launched its first smartphone, a new operating system was introduced named Android that provided a platform for smart mobile operations. Ever since then, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android phone there have been numerous updates regarding the operating system, display, connectivity, etc., that are truly unbelievable. Mobile phone technologies have grown to an unmatchable status!

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