Amazing Facts About Google

Here are some of the fun facts about Google

google facts

What if you are reading a book and come across a French phrase or word, say “Je ne comprends pas”? Well, most of you will instantly search its meaning on Google. Right? Suppose, you visit a new city or country and looking for a famous restaurant or directions to a particular place. What is the most convenient way to do it? We would unanimously agree that it is Google. We all are so addicted to this search engine that we consider it as the go-to solution to almost all our queries. It provides information about everything be it maps, dictionary, news, etc. But there are many amazing and fun facts about this company that is not known to many, e.g., the company was started on September 4, 1998, but it celebrates its birthday on September 27 since 2006.

There are many other similar facts that are worth knowing

So let us take a look at some of the fun and fascinating facts about Google:

1. The founders of the company, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin initially named the company as ‘Backrub’ because of its analysis of the web's ‘back links.’ The name Google is derived from the mathematical word googol which is written as 1 and followed by hundred zeros.

2. Google owns the domains of all the possible misspelling of its name such as,, along with which are the corresponding numbers of the alphabets.

google names

3. We all love the doodles that appear on the homepage of Google which keeps changing on the birthdays and festivals. But do you know about the first-ever Google Doodle designed? It was to convey the ‘out of office’ message when the co-founders went to Nevada to attend the famous Burning Man Festival in 1998 and to tell the users that they won’t be able to fix any technical issue. It was a man standing behind letter O.

4. Google can sort through millions of pages in a second while previous versions could process just 30-40 pages per second.

5. The Google logo has been praised by many for the unique thought. However, it was not centered aligned on the homepage until March 2001 and had an exclamation mark like Yahoo!

google logo

6. This one is quite thoughtful! In case of the sudden demise of an employee, Google pays 50% of the annual salary to the deceased’s spouse for the next ten years.

7. The owners of Google planned to sell it to the company Excite for $1million in 1999, but the CEO rejected the offer and currently the total value of the company is $400 billion. Now that is a great loss! And now since 2010, Google has been acquiring one company per week on an average. The list includes Youtube, Android, etc.

8. It is also a dog-friendly company and allows its staff members to bring their pets to the office if he is friendly and not aggressive. They are taken care thereby caregivers and are welcomed nicely by all. But, cats are not allowed in the office because of the number of dogs present there. According to the policy, “Google's affection for our canine friends is an integral facet of our corporate culture. We like cats, but we're a dog company, so as a general rule we feel cats visiting our offices would be fairly stressed out."

9. They are also kind to the environment and to support this green initiative, they rent goats from the company called California Grazing to mow the lawns and field of the office headquarters. The company feels that it is a lot cuter to watch grazing goats than the lawn mowers.

10. You will never find the premises of Google Headquarter in California drab. It is full of the variety of decorations such as a spaceship, pink flamingo, a lego man, Android statue and a skeleton of T-Rex Dinosaur who is nicknamed as Stan.

google headquaters

11. Apart from these, there are many other fun facts which make the Google one of the coolest companies such as:

  • Its unofficial motto is “Don’t be evil.”
  • Any part of the Google office cannot be more than 150 feet away from an eatery.
  • Old employees of the company are known as “Googlers” and the new ones are called “Nooglers.”
  • Google was chosen as the ‘most useful word in 2002’ and was added as a verb to Oxford dictionary in 2006.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the biggest search engine in the world and if you are interested to find more about it- search Google, wink wink.

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