Ten Amazing Facts About the Universe

Ten Mind-Boggling Facts About the Universe

universe facts

Our universe is so vast and holds trillions of objects that are almost incomprehensible to the human brain. While science has still not discovered much about the outer space; but of that little we know, there are many amazing things that seem so unbelievable. Have a look at these interesting facts:

1) Neutron stars can spin at an average rate of 600 rotation per second

"Neutron star" is the densest and tiniest stage in the life of a star. It is formed due to the collapsing of a massive star at its supernova stage. Once a star explodes, its core material, i.e., the protons and electrons melt to form neutrons. Although Neutron stars have a radius of just about ten kms, their mass is a few times more than the sun. And, they can rotate at a speed of 600-712 times per second.

2) The outer space is a silent zone

Sound waves need a medium to travel. But, as there is no atmosphere in the space, it is impossible to hear a sound. If you are wondering that how the astronauts talk to each other during space travel, then the answer is that this happens by means of radio devices. Although there is no atmosphere in the space, still there is the presence of radio waves and astronauts have a special device fitted in their helmet that changes the sound waves from their voice into radio waves and transmit it to other astronauts.

3)The footprints on Moon can last for millions of years

As Moon has no atmosphere, wind, and water to erode its surface. So, the footprints of the astronauts and spacecraft landing on it will remain the same for the unforeseeable future.

4)The planet Saturn can float on water

We all know that to float on the water a body needs to be less dense than it. The density of Saturn is known to be 0.687 gram per cubic centimetre which is much less than the density of water, i.e., 0.998 gram per cubic centimetre. This means that if we put this planet in a huge source of water equivalent to its size, then it would start to float.

5) The Sun comprises 99% weight of the solar system

The Sun is so dense that it accounts for a 99% of the entire solar system which also allows it to dominate it gravitationally. Technically, our Sun is a "G-type main-sequence star" also called a “yellow dwarf” which means that every second it fuses about 600 million tons of hydrogen into helium. Being the type of star, it also means that at the end of its life it will become a red giant that would envelop the entire solar system.

6) If we put together two pieces of the same metal in space, they will permanently stuck together

This amazing effect also known as “cold welding” was first discovered by Richard Feynman, an American theoretical physicist known for his research in quantum mechanics. He said that two metal combines in the space because their atoms have no way of knowing that they are different from each other. This doesn’t happen on Earth because there is always a medium such as air or water separating the pieces.

7) Galaxies can collide one day

Each heavenly body in this universe is rotating and revolving at a certain speed. So, every second the galaxies are changing their place and it’s a fact that one day these galaxies will come in the way of each other and will collide together. In fact, our own milky way will collide with the Andromeda galaxy.

These were some breathtaking facts about the universe that seems so impossible. If you liked reading this blog, share these facts with your friends and family too.

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