Five Tips to Improve Your Self-Awareness

Ways to get aware of yourself


Our mind is inquisitive, we want to know everything about everyone. Moreover, anything new excites us, and we are always ready to know and learn something unique. However, we often forget that before anything else, it is essential for us to get acquainted with ourselves. We must be aware of our strengths, weaknesses, desires, and beliefs and keep a constant touch with our emotions. This provides us with the ability to live our life with a sense of openness, purpose, trust, and authenticity. And above all, self-awareness gives us a better understanding of what we want to achieve and expect from other people.

Learning to get aware of yourself is not easy, but one can gradually master this art. Our online assignment writing service providers have listed five tips. Take a look:

Create Habit of Self-reflection

The first step is to take out at least twenty minutes for yourself daily to think about your life. You will be able to evaluate and identify all the significant things in your life. It can be anything from taking long walks to simply praying with eyes closed. Whatever you do, it must take you away from anxiety and anger toward a sense of well-being and calm. When you focus on yourself for even a few minutes, you get to know what is important for you and what is not. Moreover, you will know your strength and learn to cope with your weaknesses effectively. Remember to become the owner while assessing yourself because it will help you with your own personal development.

Write a Journal

One of the greatest tools for creating self-awareness is journaling. Scientific researches have proved that daily journal reduces anxiety and stress. Many students often write daily diaries, but they fail to express themselves honestly and openly. The first rule of writing a journal is to mention what you feel or believe. This will help you to discover yourself and realize things that you were never able to do before. For self-awareness, your diary writing must include your failures and achievements of the day. You can also list what you want to do in your future and track your progress.

Ask for Feedback

No one likes to be criticized, especially those who are defensive and close-minded to negative reviews from other people. It is difficult and demands a lot of patience to listen carefully while your friends or family members are pointing out your weaknesses. However, you need to remember that sometimes others can see the traits that we are unable to realize usually called blind spot. We might need to work on ourselves to cross the barriers and move ahead toward our goals. None of us is perfect, and there is nothing wrong with relying on the feedback of our honest friends, and peers for seeking critical and candid perspective. Encourage people to give their direct, informal and honest opinions.


Most students prefer going to a gym and sweating out for hours than meditating for only half an hour in the morning. However, this practice can improve moment-by-moment awareness. It merely starts with inhaling and exhaling, and you don’t need to be formal or ritualistic. You can even do this for a few seconds before going to bed and ask some basic questions to yourself, such as ‘what I need to change?’, ‘what are my biggest fears?’, ‘what I want to achieve?’, etc. Through meditation, you will be able to delve beyond a chaotic conscious mind and tap the depths of the subconscious mind. This will not only clear your thoughts but also make you healthy and more creative. So, if you haven’t tried meditation yet, then try it soon, and you can start by learning from books and videos.

Understand Your Life Story

A new field of research has been discovered in the past few years called narrative identity. This implies that the stories that we tell ourselves regarding our life not only shape our personalities but actually become our personality. How you take these narratives defines your current actions as well as future targets. Your ability to confront life’s challenges improves your level of self-awareness. How to begin? Well, here is a question you can start with, how your past events, people, life experiences influenced your life and shaped the person that you are today? Take your time, analyze your life and then answer it. We are sure that you will discover your new self.

Becoming self-aware cannot be achieved in a day. It is a life-long effort, and you are never ‘done.’ But, these five practices will surely bring you closer to “self-congruence,” i.e., what you say, think, and feel are in coordination with each other.

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