Five Ways to Improve Your Academic Writing Skills

Follow these tips to enhance your writing abilities

Improve Your Academic Writing Skills

Academic writing task is unavoidable for all the students. While this skill comes easily to the scholars of the field of literature or language, others may find it a tough row to hoe. No matter how much one tries to avoid it, he/she has to face this challenge at some point or other for successful college life. It is so because your scorecard depends hugely on the assessment of these academic documents, be it an essay, assignment, term paper, or coursework. If you are also one of the college-goers who is struggling with pending writing work, then need not worry anymore.

We have listed a few methods to make your academic writing work less daunting and easy. Read on:

Join Workshops and Online Classes

Nowadays, many colleges have communities who conduct meet-ups or workshops for students from time to time. The motive of these groups is to impart knowledge about various skills which are not taught in the classroom lectures. That is why they are gradually becoming popular amongst the college-goers. Academic writing is one such ability that you can learn by joining these workshops. The professionals that guide scholars are experts with proficiency in the academic writing. These classes are immensely beneficial and fun too. You can also go for online tutorials and join content marketing groups where you get the chance to meet the like minded people. Watch videos or read blogs as much as you can to polish your skills.

Use Clear & Concise Language

Although this is true for every type of write-up, it is primarily applied to academic papers. Before you start writing your assignment or any other college document, you need to understand the significance of using simple words in your content, breaking texts to make an appropriate structure of sentences, and mixing two paragraphs with transition words. Your paper must be grammatically sound and well-framed in order to increase its readability. Remember who are you writing it for, and use your vocabulary accordingly so that readers can comprehend it without any hassle. Spelling mistakes, typos, and grammatical errors can leave a bad impression on your teacher.

Read and Practice

A good writer has to be a keen reader. Therefore, you need to start reading on a regular basis, be it articles, newspapers, journals, books, or online blogs. You must remember to use diverse reading material and expand your horizon by challenging yourself. Go for something that you avoid going through usually and pay attention to the formation and flow of sentences, word choices, etc. Moreover, you must practice writing different documents even if your initial drafts are a disaster. The more you practice and read, the better you will know what makes any content effective. Finally, you will be able to notice significant improvements in your sentences structure, word choice, content structure.

Write Like You Speak

Yes, academic papers are meant to be formal, but it must also be simple to read. As explained by our assignment writing service providers, if you fill your write-up with stuffy language and jargons, then it can take away the quality of your content and also affect your grades. Therefore, you must write it the way you generally speak without any fancy words or over complicated sentences. It will engage the audience in your paper as it will be more like a conversation. To assess this, you can read your assignment aloud and check whether the sentences and content make sense or not. Don’t make it too casual and also avoid writing a hard-to-follow document.


Before you submit your academic paper to your professor for assessment, you must review it thoroughly and carefully without any distraction. Take a short break after completing the writing part, and then come back to proofreading with a fresh mind. You must check it for technical errors, spelling slip-ups, grammatical mistakes, or formatting. This scrutiny will make your write-up credible and flawless. You can use online tools for this purpose like Grammarly that highlights your errors and plagiarized content too. If you want, then ask your family member or friend to read your work and give feedback for the improvement. However, you must not take their criticism in a negative way, work on the suggestion instead.

Many students treat writing as rocket science, but honestly, that is not the case at all. It merely demands a bit of practice and learning to master this skill. With proper guidance and help, rest assured that you will become better with time.

However, this process may take a little while, and until then, you can seek online assignment writing service from experienced and professional academic writers. We, at Instant Assignment Help, have a team of proficient subject experts who have been helping students based in Gulf countries with their college papers. So, if you also need the assistance with any of your academic paper, then do not delay to contact us.

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