Foods That Every Student Should Eat During Exams

Food items that students should include in their daily diet

Student food for exams

 It’s just one week left for the exams, and all that matters to the students is their grades, grades, and only grades. They put aside all other activities which can distract them from studies and prefer to get locked up in the room so no one can disturb them. They even skip meals and whenever their parents call for lunch or dinner, and they just respond that they are not hungry. It is so because they don’t want to waste a single minute that can be devoted to their studies. Can you identify with this situation? If your answer is affirmative, then let us tell you that you are making a mistake, and it won’t help you in your exams. Yes, you might choose not to believe us, but research has proven that skipping meals adversely affects students’ health and their exam results. We agree that it may be the most dreadful time of your academic career and all you want is to focus on your studies, but the food is equally important at this time both for your physical and mental health. You need to keep track of your eating habits and look at what fuels your brain in the best way. What food you are consuming, or will it be helpful to keep your concentration going for a long time, are the questions that need your consideration.

Our health experts have suggested foods that you should include in your diet during exams that will surely be effective for you. Take a look:


Students are all very selective when it comes to fruits, from apple to watermelon, everyone has their own choice. But fresh fruits can be your best brain food when it comes to exams as they are rich in fiber, essential vitamins and minerals which boost body and mind to function effectively. They improve your concentration and sharpen your cognitive skills. Some of them are blueberries that are high in anti-oxidants and nutrients which keep your brain nourished, bananas that are high in protein and also stabilize the blood sugar levels. Fruits are the best source for natural sugars and give your brain clean energy. 


You all repel vegetable, don’t you? At least majority of you do, unless they come as a burger filling or pizza toppings. Here is a fact, darker the veggies are, higher the amount of nutrients, especially spinach which offers more to the mind and body than iceberg lettuce. Other healthy vegetables include sea vegetables, kale, chard, broccoli, and the list goes on. They are the vital source of iron, vitamins K, B6, B12, and improve alertness and memory.


While you study for exams, there is constant hunger which is more because of anxiousness than any other reason. And there is nothing wrong with it if you choose your food wisely that will keep you energized. Hazelnuts and cashews are a great source of magnesium, copper, and iron, and help to maintain a healthy nervous system which makes you feel less tired. Other important nutrients that you consume from nuts and seeds are Zinc and omega3. Zinc is good for normal cognitive function and is present in cashews, pumpkin seeds, and linseeds. Omega3 improves brain health and found in healthy fats such as avocados.


Eggs are one of the most versatile foods that we have. It can be eaten as fried, boiled or poached, etc., and considered the best food for students during exams. There is no healthier option than eggs to start your day and will make you leave feeling full than any other sugary cereals or pastries. Just one egg contains 6g of protein, vitamin B12, vital nutrients, and less than 100 calories (according to how it is cooked). Also, it doesn’t take too long to digest, unlike chicken and fish. So always try to have a healthy omelet and toast for breakfast when you prepare for your exams.

Green tea and water

Well, they are not really food, but that doesn’t make them less significant for your health. Although caffeine can boost your energy before exams, excess coffee can make you unable to focus. If you get more dependent on it, then you can suffer from fatigue in the long-run. However, green tea is the best alternative to caffeine as it is a good antioxidant, and increases your concentration as well. As far as water consumption is concerned, it has been recommended as the best cure for most of the health problems. It keeps you hydrated, boosts immunity, aids digestion, and keeps the body systems regulated. So always take enough fluids in order to keep yourself fresh and healthy during exams. You can also carry a water bottle in the exam hall, if it’s allowed, and take small sips at regular intervals, so your energy levels don’t dip.

So, next time you have your exams, start working on your diet plan and include these food items in your meals. For more healthy tips, keep looking forward to more write-ups.

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