Hidden Google Tricks You Must Try Now

Some Interesting Tricks of Google

Google Tricks

In recent times, there have been many debates regarding Google’s new privacy policy and Safari tracking, but honestly, all these issues have hardly affected the popularity of this search engine. You can come across various unique and exciting features and functions introduced by it every now and then. And when it comes to fun tricks, Google is packed with them more than you can ever imagine.

Here are some cool quirks that you must discover yourself soon enough to add some fun to your Googling:

It can read images

There are times when we want to search for something specific but couldn’t come up with the right keyword to type in the search box of Google. Well, here is a useful trick that can help you to look for your queries without typing a word. Go to “images.google.com” and ‘image search’ by clicking the camera icon. You will need to upload the picture and results of similar images will be on your screen. And yes, be sure that you are okay with your photo floating around the web.

Quotes can search a specific phrase

Google search revolves around keywords. So, for more relevant results, you’ll have to be more particular with your search queries. All you need to do is brainstorm the exact line or phrase you are looking for and then type the appropriate keyword within double quotes(“”). Specific phrases with quotes will fetch exact results
Without even altering the order of the words. For example, if you look for “I am hungry,” then Google will yield results that have the same words and discard all other alternate results including ‘you are busy.’

Barrel roll

Many of you might already know this entertaining trick that trended worldwide in November on Twitter. Enable Google’s instant results functions, type “do a barrel roll” into the search box, and even before you complete your instruction, your browser window will spin 360-degrees. If you haven’t tried it yet, we suggest you go for it now and have some fun with Google.

It’s a word nerd

Do you know what ‘anagram’ means? Well, it refers to arranging the letters of a word to make a new term or phrase. And Google has taken the meaning of this word quite literary. When you search “anagram” on the search engine, it will suggest “nag a ram,” arranging the letters of the former term to suggest you were actually searching for the latter one.

Google pokes the similar fun in case of ‘kerning’ and ‘recursion.’ ‘Kerning’ means the space between the letters of a word and when you search this term, the results will be displayed with odd spacing between the characters.

Next is ‘recursion’ which implies repetition of procedure or definition. So, searching ‘recursion’ will give link results along with ‘did you mean recursion’ suggestion.

The answer to life

Have you read ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ by Douglas Adams? If no, then let us tell you that it claims that the only answer to life, the universe, and everything is the number 42. That is why, when you search “answer to life, the universe, and everything,” Google gives you a definite answer, 42.

Zerg rush

For those who are alien to the word ‘zerg,’ they are swarms of insectoid aliens from the popular video game series, Starcraft. Google “zerg rush,” and your search results will be attacked by the ‘Os’ from Google logo. You will have to click on them to defend your browser and destroy these hordes of the letter ‘O’ before they chomp away your search page. And one more thing, even though they are undefeatable, if you still succeed to fight them, then do not forget to share your high score on Google +.

Loneliest number

We all know that Google has billions of web pages in its index or maybe even more, so it is difficult for it to take loneliness very well. When you search “the loneliest number” on Google, the built-in calculator of this search engine will confirm you that it is none other than ‘1’. You will get the same result if you look for “number of horns on a unicorn.”

Google can be called Einstein of search engines, and it is kind of impossible to imagine our life without it. These tricks surely make it more impressive. But wait, the list is not over yet. It was not viable for us to cram all the exciting and fun tricks that Google offer us in this blog. So why don’t you ask Google itself about the remaining ones?

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