Hobbies That Make Students Smarter

Hobbies that students should adopt to become smart

student hobbies

Intelligence and smartness are two different concepts. ‘Not all intelligent people are smart’ as latter is more flexible and adaptive as compared to the former. Earlier, it was believed that people are born with a different level of intelligence, and everyone can do their best by living up to the given potential. But, now researchers have proved that this can be improved by adopting various strategies which are fun and enjoyable. This is especially true in case of students as they constantly absorb the ways of life. Every activity and experience add more to it. There are a number of hobbies which not only skill your brain but also help you become smarter as a student. Even a simple habit of playing guitar can be very useful and effective. It is so because when you engage yourself in these activities, it helps you to de-stress and reverse the brain deterioration.

Here are the six hobbies that can help you to become smarter. Take a look:

1. Music

It doesn’t matter which instrument you play be it guitar or piano; music is the best way to improve your processing speed and verbal fluency. It improves the corpus callosum which enhances the memory, problem-solving skills and overall functioning of the brain. Music requires visual, auditory and motor reflexes to work together, so it is equal to full body workout. Moreover, it uses your skills like analytical, fine motor, etc.

2. Learn new language

When you learn any foreign language, your brain is also trained to focus on more relevant information. The more you learn to switch between different languages, the better your auditory attention gets, and you become equipped to handle a complex conversation. Studies show that bilingual people are more capable of solving puzzles as learning any new language is a mentally demanding task.

3. Reading

It is a commonly known fact that reading increases our knowledge. The reason behind this is that we learn new facts which influence our perspective. We become unwilling to accept everything and get more critical and less ignorant. This means that when we read we start to think more and question more. It increases crystallized, fluid and emotional intelligence which further improves pattern detecting, accurately interpreting, responding to others’ feelings, etc.

4. Meditation

Exercising and meditation improve focus and allow better control of brain waves. This makes you more powerful and confident in negotiations. You become unbeatable in your strengths and improve your weaknesses. It helps you to focus on self-improvement which is essential to be ambitious. Scientist Richard Davidson studied Dalai Lama and other monks when they were meditating, and it turns out that they were deeply in a compassionate state of mind.

5. Traveling

When you meet new people, talk to them, learn about different cultures, it provides you with more adaptability, information, and sense of understanding. When you are expected to solve unexpected problems especially while traveling solitary, you become spontaneous and quick in problem-solving skills.

6. Writing

Writing doesn’t imply that you have to be an author and write a novel. Even writing regular thoughts in a diary is considered effective and can significantly change your life. When a person writes regularly, he learns to slow things down, filter all the chaotic opinions, analyze them before mentioning them on a paper. This requires him to be focused, creative, and clear.

Well, these were the six hobbies that you can adopt to improve your cognitive skills. But, the key tools that one needs are curiosity and interest in these activities. Once you are 100% involved in any of these, you will surely notice the results.

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