Things You Need Not Pack for Your College Hostel

Do not stuff your hostel luggage with these things

Hostel Life

Your mom is going insane and running around the house with a list of all the items that you might need in your hostel. And you are confronted with a single question by everyone around, ‘Are you ready for your hostel life?’ Yes, this is exactly what to expect when you are about to start your college. However, the most daunting part is packing your stuff. You are practically moving to a new location, and you would want to pack your entire room and all your belongings, your favorite clothes, cat, and even your mom.

You need not get anxious, we have jotted down some items that you can simply knock off of your packing list. Take a look:

Oversized suitcase

First things first, avoid packing your stuff in an oversized suitcase that gets too heavy to carry for you. Hostel rooms are sometimes tight on space, and you have to share your room with another student(s), so finding enough space to keep that big luggage might not be possible. The best idea is to carry a backpack that can later be adjusted in the corner of your cupboard after it is emptied. Also, the carry-on bags or rucksack are easy to organize, pack and unpack whenever you plan a vacation with your friends.

Your complete wardrobe

Well, who doesn’t want to look fabulous in college and make a great first impression on fellow students? You might be surprised to know that, you won’t need every single piece of your clothing for this. Your seasonal clothes, two to three part wears and simple jeans and t-shirt are enough for an entire semester. You will find plenty of friends to swap your clothes with, and anyway hostels do not usually provide generous cupboards. So stop emptying your entire closet into your luggage and get practical.

Fancy valuables

So, finally a college student, time to exhibit your valuable belongings and boast amongst your peers. But, hold your horses, it’s college and not a social get together where you have to brag about yourself. Also, there is a risk of these articles getting misplaced or stolen in a hostel. So, put those expensive jewelry, camera, and other objects aside (even ones with the sentimental value), pack other essential items instead. If there is something that you just cannot avoid, then we suggest you keep it safely in an inside pocket of your bag and also a padlock. Yes, most of the hostels are safe, and they are “home away from home”- maybe not really, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Extra appliances

There will be no mom in the hostel to make your favorite dish. Thus you plan to pack a toaster or a boiler to make your favorite bread toast and noodles. News flash: most of the hostels have toasters available in their dining area or serve toasts in the breakfast. If your is an exception, then also we assure you that it will be not long that you will get bored and tired of making the same meal for you. Also, with so much to deal with in college life, you will hardly left with any time to prepare food for yourself. Of course, you can keep some basic appliances, such as mugs, bowls, glasses, etc., and can buy other necessary items when the need arises.

Your entire library

You might be an avid reader and want to carry your collection of books with you as they have been your best friend through thick and thin. Well, here is a secret, you will not get any ‘me’ time in your academic career and most of these will remain unopened collecting dust. Just, take two or three of your all-time favorite books. Same goes for the coursebooks too, instead of purchasing them now, wait for your classes to start and then decide the ones that you need to buy, but not before visiting the college library once.

Other knickknacks

There are certain small objects that seem essential at the time of packing, and you just stuff all of them in your bag because you never know what you might need in that unpredictable life of hostel. It may be anything from candles to laptop tray, decorative items to iron and whatnots. But sorry to break into your thoughts, these items will slowly cram up the already stuffed space of your dorm. Most of these items will be available to you in your hostel and others can be bought later, so you don’t need to make your luggage heavy and ascertain to keep this extra objects to a minimum.

An unfriendly attitude

The most interesting and exciting part of hostel life is getting to know other fellow students and making new friends as they will be your family for the next few years. It doesn’t imply that you have to attend every single party, or bunk classes because all the others are doing so. But, try to be friendly and cordial with people by saying simple ‘hi’ and having a casual chit-chat in common rooms. You never know, you might find a lifetime friend.

We understand that you are nervous yet excited about this huge life change. But we are sure that it is going to be the best time of your life as you will rediscover yourself and make friendships that will last forever.

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