Effects Of Space Travel On The Human Body

Challenges faced by astronauts while traveling to space

Effects Of Space Travel On The Human Body

Studying about planets, stars, galaxies, and universe make astronomy one of the most fascinating subjects. And, space travel is something that every student of this field dreams of. If you also belong to this branch of science, then this might be your ultimate goal in life. But, it is not as easy as boarding a flight for your next holiday destination. It takes months and years of serious training. An extensive team guides and prepares all the aspiring space travelers as there are many physical changes that ones body experiences like weight loss, sleepless nights, etc., due to radiation and gravity.

Our science assignment help experts have listed six challenges that you should expect if you are also planning to go for this out-of-the-world trip. Take a look:

Space radiation

Earth’s atmosphere works like a shield for us against the cosmic radiations which are harmful to human beings. They can damage the nervous system, and motor function. It can also cause nausea, vomiting and can lead to cancer and other diseases. Astronauts are exposed ten times more to these radiations which can tear through their DNA. So they wear dosimeters that measure the radiations and their career limit is based on their exposure.

Grow taller

If you always wish to be a few inches taller, then space traveling can grant you the same. During the excursion, vertebra relaxes, expands and lengthens the spine. So you can grow 3% taller than your normal height. Even when you are back to earth, it will take a few months for your spine to shrink down to its original size.


Another major challenge that you might have to face is sleeplessness. Spaceflyers strap themselves in a sleeping bag, but due to lack of gravity, head rolls forwards while arms float up once they are asleep. It could be quite a difficult position to have a sleep sound. Another problem is that many astronauts have reported of seeing a flashlight when they close their eyes to sleep. These rays are actually from high-energy particles in the solar system that are shooting through the orbiting outpost. They can be described as ‘fireworks’ or ‘streaks.’ So, there are sleeping pods for every individual space traveler that help these rays to shut down. But, most of them get only about six hours of sleep against their scheduled sleep of eight and a half hours.

Effects on muscles

When you are in a weightless environment of space, muscles are not required to support the body. They immediately adapt to the change and start to shrink absorbing worthless tissues. This may be good for space but causes problems when returned back to Earth. So all the astronauts have to workout regularly two hours a day to maintain a healthy muscle mass they need on Earth. Their fitness regime includes weight lifting with special resistance machine, as free-weights weigh nothing there.

Vision problem

According to a research, most of the space travelers got afflicted with eye abnormalities after returning from space. The reports suggested that some of them had bloating around their optic nerves while a few had back of their eyeballs flattened, and their retinas were also little changed. These vision problems are sometimes irreversible or can take years to get normal. It is because when fluid goes to the upper body in weightless space, it increases the pressure in the head which further crushes the optic nerves.

Weakens immune system

Our immune system protects us from various diseases, but radiations, microgravity, isolation, stress can depress it too. Also, space-flying hinders the sleep cycle, and they interact with microbes that affect their immune response. If these conditions persist in longer missions, then it increases the risk of infection and hypersensitivity for crew members. Another possibility is that immune system can get aggressive which causes rashes and allergic reactions.

We know that this all might sound scary yet interesting, but if space traveling is your dream, then get yourself prepared from now on.

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