Astronomy Facts That No One Told You About

Some interesting facts about the Universe and space

Astronomy Facts

We, human beings have been looking up at the sky for thousands of years, even before we discovered the term ‘astronomy.’ Scientists and researchers have been studying everything that is in space. However, despite investigating and exploring the universe for thousands of years, there is still a bazillion things to learn about the outer space. The more we understand the vast depths of the world beyond our planet, the more we know about the stars, planets, galaxies, and constellations.

Some of them are intriguing while others are still confusing. Nevertheless, we have listed a few of the amazing facts on astronomy that you might not have known before. Have a look.

Hot ice is a thing

There is an exoplanet at 33 light-years away called Gliese 436 b. This planet is made of several water elements which form burning ice. Due to pressure, the ice on this planet remains solid while the surface temperature of 570° F (300° C) causes the water to heat up. As a result, it comes off as steam.

You can find a lot of trash out there

We all get depressed and frustrated seeing the garbage that fills up the land of our planet, Earth. But, do you know that over a million pieces of trash orbit the Earth too? Space junk is a significant concern in light of the fact that even a small paper clip could create issues for our satellite system. One of the biggest consequences will be ‘No Netflix’ for you besides other problems which include messing with the national security system. Hitherto no concrete way has been discovered to clean up space, but research and studies are constantly being conducted by the scientists to find the appropriate solution.

A bar in the sky

Isn’t it every bartender’s dream to have a bar in the clouds? Well, this can become a reality. Yes, there is a gas cloud beyond our atmosphere that is made from alcohol. Its diameter is about 1,000 times of our entire solar system. The quantity of alcohol is enough for approximately 400 septillion pints of beer, i.e., 400 followed by twenty-four zeros. To make it more precise, the 300,000 pints of beer can be supplied every day to each individual on the earth for billion years.

Optical illusion

When we look at the moon and sun, both of them look similar in size from earth. But we all have been fooled over the years. The sun is 400 times bigger than the moon and is also 400 times further away from land as compared to the moon. It is because of this distance that they both appear of the same size.

Venus runs hot and cold

Although Venus is known for the atmosphere that is five times hotter than boiling water, there is a cold spot too. The average temperature is hot, but there is also a cold layer hidden in the planet’s atmosphere. The weather is around -175 °C and there is a possible carbon dioxide ice. The Earth and Mars don’t have anything like this unique cold layer.

Black holes belch stars

Do you know that black hole can swallow a star and then burp it out? Yes, it is gross but true. When a star is eaten up by a black hole, it releases a massive set of plasma which can span hundreds of light-years. According to a researcher named Suvi Gezari, the gravitational forces of the black hole rip apart the star. As a result, some part of it falls into the black hole, while remaining is ejected at high speed.

Another North Star

No, we are not implying that Polaris which is our North Star is leaving us soon because that is not happening for another 12,000 years. However, whenever it does, it will be replaced by the star Vega. This will happen due to rotation of the Earth. As the earth changes its axis over 26,000-years cycle, the north also shifts to different stars. Well, this will not be the first time that Vega will be part of our night sky, it was our North Star thousands years ago too.

Sky and the world beyond that is such a fascinating place that analysts and investigators are still learning more and more about it. Thanks to their constant efforts, that our knowledge is improving with every passing day.

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