7 Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics to Help You Get Started

Some Persuasive Essay Topics To Help You Score Better Grades

Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

Writing a compelling essay is a vital part of an academic curriculum. Essay writing is usually given as a part of homework to the students. Teachers also include essay writing as a part of their assessment process and also add these scores in the final evaluation. Therefore, students should always try to fulfill all the criteria related to essay writing to get better grades. There are four major types of essays, i.e. narrative essays, descriptive essay, expository essay and persuasive essay. Types of essays create confusion among students. Therefore, complete knowledge of all the essays is required to choose a correct form of composition for your assignment. Then only you will be able to score better grades in your essay writing.

An essay demonstrates your views on a certain topic. It requires a great deal of analysis and research from many academics sources to give it a concrete base. The main idea of an essay is to portray your views and not paraphrasing the concepts of other writers. Essay writing has a comprehensive structure comprising different types of essays. And every type has its own structure and guideline. Here, we will discuss the framework of a persuasive essay adequately described by our UAE essay writing experts.

What Is the Design of a Persuasive Essay?

As the name suggests, a persuasive essay should be pretty convincing to its audience. Persuasive essay often includes arguments to defend your position on a certain topic. An amazing essay not showcases the author's opinion but also questions the opposing view. Therefore, a right set of rules is required to write a useful persuasive essay.

Here are some steps to be incorporated while writing a persuasive essay:


Composing a perfect essay requires beforehand preparation of choosing a topic. The writer should pick which is interesting as well informative. The topic should not be in a generalized form, but it should be specific. It should also be convincing and logical. The topic should both involve your as well opponent’s views to make it more real. It should be appealing so that your audience can connect with the facts stated in the essay. Always make sure your arguments are rational and prove your point.


Your essay should have a proper structure to express your views in a meaningful way. An unorganized structure of an essay can deteriorate the level of your paper as it will make it confusing for the audience to read. You should properly frame the introduction part with utmost care as it includes all the relevant facts related to the topic.

Framing Introduction

The way you write the introduction of the persuasive essay can make or break you. A fantastic opening will surely help make your paper readable. The facts involved in this part should have valid references to provide proof that the topic of your essay is relevant and will cater appropriate information. You can also insert interesting phrases and quotes to draw the attention of your audience. After the introduction, you should precisely present your thesis statement with some relevant facts. It should be the center of attention and should specifically show things you want to convey. A good persuasive essay always has a touch of human emotions to make your point more clear and reliable. The transition from one paragraph to another should be smooth and also has connectivity. These points will help you write a strong thesis statement.

Structuring the Body

An essay body with single evidence supports your facts that you claim. Always make sure that your piece of evidence leads to the valid argument presented by you in your paper. If you want your essay to be persuasive enough, then adding a confrontation with reliable facts will enhance the quality of your paper.

Definite Conclusion

A good conclusion revises your work and ensures the argument you chose for the essay is appropriate for your audience. The end of the essay should fulfill the purpose of projecting your thoughts with a proper context. Your readers should have a clear understanding of the plot you have made in your essay. A good persuasive essay should be well revised.

These were the critical steps which should be adopted while writing an effective persuasive essay. An essay portrays your views on a specific topic with relevant facts. Therefore, persuasive essay topics should be chosen carefully.

7 Best Topics for Persuasive Essay Writing

The primary purpose of the persuasive essay is to ignite thought-provoking ideas in the mind of your readers. Here are some topics which will give a strong base to your essay.

  1. What is the role of media in broadcasting women sports?
  2. Do social media ignites scandals?
  3. Is bullying in schools regarded as a criminal offense?
  4. Which animals come under the category of endangered species?
  5. Pros and cons of wearing a college uniform.
  6. Is mercy death a suicidal attempt?
  7. Are women more competitive than men?

In short, the motto of writing an excellent persuasive essay is to present a controversial topic with valid facts and figures which provide strong evidence. And always remember to give views on both the pros and cons of the topic.

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