Seven Ways Internet Has Changed Student’s Life for Worse

Seven Ways in Which Technology Is Harming Students

internet changed life

Over the years, Internet has caused a transition in our lifestyle- changing the way we think, communicate, and study. Although, it has made our lives simpler and more comfortable, at the same time, it is harming us in many ways. Particularly when it comes to technology that we use on a daily basis, it has altered our habits, our personalities, and natural abilities—in surprising ways. Here in this blog, we have discussed the various ways in which Internet is hampering students’ progress:

1) Gives rise to health-related problems

The excess use of smartphones and tablets is the cause of many health problems such as back and spinal issues, eye strain, headache, and obesity. This is also because of the reason that tech keeps us glued to our seats, contributing to a sedentary routine.

2) Leads to poor attention span

As per a study by Canadian research project that was funded by Microsoft, the fast-paced consumption of digital media has resulted in a shorter attention span. Using detailed survey and EEG brain scans, it has been found that the average attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds in the last 15 years, which is less than that of a bluefish.

3) GPS affects brain’s function

Today, most people rely on the use of GPS for traveling. This is quite convenient, but over-reliance on GPS has considerably affected our memory power. This is because the hippocampus i.e., the area of the brain which controls memory, is also associated with spatial navigation. Researchers found a higher physical volume of gray matter—and increased activity—in the hippocampus of people who relied mainly on spatial navigation rather than GPS. Neuroscientists even predict that relying on GPS may lead to the earlier onset of dementia.

4) Easily accessible information leads to poor creativity

It’s a common belief that the wealth of information available online would promote more creativity. But once again, the opposite appears to be true, and the reason became clear from a study conducted by Johns Hopkins and the University of Illinois researchers. It was found that abundant resources actually lead to less creative thought. When resources are scarce, they are used more creatively. The researchers named the effect constraint mindset i.e., a mental process that works better under lack of resources. They said that when fewer resources are available, more creative solutions are required to produce the desired result.

5) Smartphones change our sleep patterns

As per the 2012 Time magazine’s survey, it was found that about one-quarter of people aged between 18-24 do not get the required amount of sleep due to the overuse of their smartphones. Well, there is also a scientific reason behind this, i.e., the blue light from these devices suppresses the melatonin(a sleep-inducing hormone) level in our body.

6) Texting hurts our ability to communicate

While texting has become the primary form of daily communication, some developmental psychologists say that it can be severely damaging to the social development of young people. While most adults entered the mobile age with their social skills already formed, this is not the case with children and teenagers. The younger generation may find it difficult to interact face-to-face due to lack of social skills.

7) Google makes us retain less information

Today, any piece of information can be easily obtained by a Google search which is extremely useful. But, it has also contributed to a massive decrease in our cognitive skills. As per a research carried out by the scientists of Harvard and Wisconsin University, this has given rise to a tendency to treat the Internet as an external memory, and we no more focus on retaining information in our mind.

As now you are well aware of the various adverse effects of the Internet on your life, it’s high time to get rid of them.

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