8 Last-Minute Tips For Writing an Assignment

How to Write an Assignment at the Last Minute?

last minute writing tips

An assignment is a kind of academic paper which is required to write by every student during his/her academic tenure. To write an effective document, a student is required to do lots of research and hard work which take lots of time. Rather, by doing smart work one can produce a quality assignment.

Why there is a need for Last-Minute Tips?

These days assignment writing has become a tough challenge for students. Many students fail to do it because of lack of time as they are always busy in their extra curricular activities. They postponed their task to the very last minute and suddenly start getting panic when the deadline arrives. So, these tips will surely helpful to complete their assignment efficiently even before the last day of deadline.

8 Best Tips To Writing an Assignment in Last Minute

To overcome such issues and get good grades our expert writers of Instant assignment help UAE have highlighted a few important tips for writing an assignment:

1. Plan Your Schedule

The first thing you need while writing an over-night assignment is a comfortable place where you can write with more concentration. Once you have found a good location, you need to make a proper schedule to work as you don’t have enough time. You might have at least 6-to-8 hours to complete your task. So, you can allot separate time for each work, without them you won’t be able to manage your work.

  • Use 25% of the time in research and writing an introduction
  • Another 50% should be invested in drafting the main body and conclusion
  • Rest 25% should be for proofreading and editing.

2. Read the Instructions Carefully

Your primary responsibility should be to write your document according to the guidelines. There should be a clear idea about a few directions, such as word limits, referencing style, font, or you have to write it formally or informally. Since you have very less time, you should be extremely careful while writing your document so that you don’t have to do much editing later.

3. Do Brainstorm And Research

Once you have understood the instructions, do a quick session of brainstorming with your friends to get complete knowledge about the topic. You can do it by yourself with the help of the internet and books. After that, organize your ideas properly as it will save your time while writing.

4. Make an Outline

After the brainstorming or research part, make an outline of the document. Don’t bother to write long paragraph as it will be time-consuming. Rather, do this in bullet points. You should include a few ideas about what should be there in the introduction, the main body and in the conclusion.

5. Start Writing the Introduction

Now, it’s time to start writing the introductory part of the document which should be of maximum 5-6 sentences. Introduce the argument regarding your subject and state your thesis in it. Use the last line of it to provide a map for your upcoming paragraphs in the main body.

6. Present Your Arguments in Body Paragraphs

The main body consists of several paragraphs, and each of them should start with a particular topic which provides the reader a clear idea what is going to be discussed. After that, you should present various facts and figures in them based on your research. There should be at least three passages and they should be well connected with each other.

7. Conclusion Should be Concise

Once you have written the main body, it’s time to write a brief description of every argument you have discussed above. This is the conclusion part. It’s a final effort to convince readers of what you’re trying to convey.

8. Do Thorough Proofreading

Once you’re done with the writing part, do thorough proofreading of your document to find out the mistakes. It’s important as it helps in catching typos, grammatical, and punctuation errors. It’s an important step and should not be neglected.

The above-mentioned tips can be useful in writing assignments overnight because they play a vital role in improving the results.

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