How to Make Your Gap Year a Fun Yet Learning Experience?

Activities You Can Do to Make Your Gap Year Count

Gap Year

The gap year is a great idea but definitely not a vacation. It is not the time to lazing around and binge-watching Netflix. You can utilize this time to find your way and discover yourself again. Students usually opt for gap year when they are iffy about their life ahead and can’t finalize anything concrete. So, why not make this time a process to find your future? Yes, we know it sounds boring, but trust us you can make it fun if you have a right plan and select right activities to get involved in. Also, it is a time to learn new things, add more to your skills and CV. Remember, in this competitive market, when recruiters have hundreds of applicants to choose from, 100 have the traits to shine, but only a few are able to stand out.

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Here are some interesting ways jotted down by our experts of online essay help in the UAE, that will make your gap year a learning experience without compromising on fun. Have a look:


To test your true worth, it is important for a person to give something to the society without expecting anything in return. When people understand the real value of giving, it lays the strong foundation for a prosperous nation. You can search for an opportunity that matches with your skills & competencies and where you can also learn to be selfless. There are many public and private organizations which offer such chances to students from time to time and post vacancies on various online portals. You can select from them depending on your interest.


Close your eyes, think about your dream place (make sure it’s affordable), and fly to that city now. There is an infinite list of benefits that you get from traveling, such as it expands your horizons, lets you make some acquaintances, offers interesting experiences, and teaches you about real-life practical problems. You explore some beautiful places, understand life better, and deepen your knowledge about various significant things. Also, if you aim to work in a foreign country, then utilize this time to know more about that nation by visiting the place once and getting familiar with its culture.

Start a blog

It is easy to start your own blog nowadays, and you can also make good money from sharing your experience with readers. Your write-ups can be about anything, food, traveling, academics, life problems, and more. Of course, you may not get popularity instantly, but if you have writings skills and excellent content, no one can stop you to reach the top of this career. Remember to be realistic and avoid jargons so that audience can connect with you and your post. Blogging is also the great chance to record your most incredible and memorable adventures of your life and revisit all the fun and learning moments again and again.

Learn a new skill

There is no limit to learning, you can learn at any age, at any time, at any place and gap year is no exception. You can find several courses that you can join in your free time which include web designing, music, art & drawing and whatnot. In fact, you can learn a foreign language if you wish to or can go for something exclusive like deep sea diving. In the process, you might discover your new talent or interest and can open new career options for you. This additional skill will make your CV more appealing to recruiters, and you might soon get a suitable job or internship (of course, if you are looking for one).

Take work experience

If you are planning to work in a field that doesn’t really offer volunteering opportunity, such as business, journalism, law, etc., then work experience or internship can be the key for your future professional career. It might be tough to find a suitable one for you, or you might not even get paid for your work, but looking at the brighter side, shorter work experience imparts practical knowledge and leave you enough time to indulge in other interesting things too. You also make contacts with people and get a reference which can be helpful in your future. You can search on the internet and call various companies to check if they run internships or work experience.

Be an au pair

What if you get accommodation and food including getting decently paid for a job? Great bet, right? Working as an au pair gives you a chance to relive your childhood in light of the fact that when you take care of kids, you also have to play with them, persuade them to do something, and even act like them to become their friend. You might not find such opportunity easily, but a bit of research will surely help you to get the desired chance.


With a hectic schedule at your school, it might not be possible for avid readers to find squeeze enough time to read their favorite books. But you can spend your gap time to go through the books that you have missed during last year or two. If you want, you can check some academic books too which are related to your chosen career path. Interestingly, reading is something that you can do along with other mentioned options, and it will also give your brain rest time.

Well, this was our list of seven, but we guarantee you that there are thousands more. Let your creativity and imagination guide you and you will progress beyond merely attaining your targets.

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