5 Most Influential Books You Must Read Before You Turn 30

Five Books You Should Read in Your Twenties

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Someone has rightly said, ‘Our minds are shaped by the books we read.’ Well, it’s no denying the fact that there is always something to learn from books and the internet, libraries, and book stores are chock full of them. It’s time to hell-bent on reading some essential books which are more than worthy of garnering attention in the lives of those who are embarking on a new stage of life.

Here are five books you must add to your reading list then and there and get cracking before it gets too late to realize how much fun it is to dive in the crisp pages of these books that are spewing out wisdom you need in your 20s.

1. ‘Yes Please’ by Amy Poehler

Looking forward to grabbing personal advice on love, relationships, parenting, and friendship? This book is full of words to live by! Amy Poehler’s very own memoir has many rib-tickling stories that will make you laugh and inspire at the same time. After reading it, you’ll surely get answers to your life’s problems that you must have been hankering for long.

yes please book

2.‘On the Road’ by Jack Kerouac

It is a classic novel of freedom and friends’ crazy adventures which has the potential to inspire every generation. In the quest for self-knowledge and memorable experiences, two friends set on an expedition to the United States, and discover themselves like never before. It is a must-read for all those who want to find themselves in this big world full of confusion.

on the road book

3. ‘My Year with Eleanor’ by Noelle Hancock

The twenties are the times when most of us feel slightly lost, crippled with anxieties, all sorts of fears creep in, and lack the courage to pursue our dreams. If you too are grappling with the same, then take some time off your busy schedule and read this book. Just as the way protagonist has dispelled darkness from her life and overcame dreads, you too can fight your fears and win.

A gripping tale of self-discovery by a simple girl who turns out to be an intrepid champion from someone timid and diffident is enough to inspire every reader. Intriguing stories of how she learned shark diving, fighter pilot lessons, tap dancing, and confronted her old boyfriends are what you must read during your 20s.

4.‘The Opposite of Loneliness’ by Marina Keegan

This hope-filled piece of work is the assortment of essays written by a young Yale graduate who tragically lost her life just five days after being graduated. Marina’s essays and stories will make you realize that it’s not just you who is struggling in life, and everyone else in the world has their own problems to deal with. This book aspires us to hone our talents to make an impact on the world just as she turned out to be an icon for her generation.

5. ‘The Myths of Happiness’ by Sonja Lyubomirsky

It is a good read for a twenty-something as it empowers readers to look beyond their failures and achievements. What makes people happy? How can people learn to live a more flourishing and satisfactory life? If you’re looking for practical and life-changing lessons, then this book is what you must have in your hand.

myth of happiness book

No matter at what stage of life you dwell, it’s illogical to dream of a life free from challenges and problems. Troubles, they may come and go, but what you’ll have in the end would be the bucket full of memories and experiences for you to cherish.

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