Strange New Year Traditions Around the World

Unique New Year customs followed in different countries

strange traditions

New Year is the time when you plan parties, play games, make resolutions and hope for a better and successful year ahead. Many of you might even plan to watch your favorite movies or T.V. shows lying lazily on the couch. But, we all enjoy the festive mood, delightful cheer and fire-cracker works around us irrespective of our plan because we all hope that the New Year would bring luck, happiness, and prosperity in our life. In fact, there are many weird traditions that are followed in different parts of the world to ensure good fortune and great year ahead. They believe that eating a particular food, wearing a certain color, visiting a place would bring luck and happiness.

So let us take a look at some of the strange beliefs of people around the world:

1. Stuff grapes before 12

If you are good at games where you have to stuff marshmallows or any other food quickly in your mouth to win, then you will definitely enjoy this tradition. Spanish people try to eat 12 grapes before the clock strikes 12 times. It is believed that each grape represents good luck and success for each month of the next year.

2.Watch ‘dinner for one’ show

Although this might sound very unreasonable, the custom is immensely popular in the country. Every single year since 1972, families gather together and watch the British show ‘Dinner for one.’ No one knows the real story behind the origin of this year-after-year activity, but the famous phrase of the show ‘same procedure every year’ is repeated by Germans often.

3.Break the plates

If you wake up one day and find a pile of broken plates outside your house, then you will be worried. Right? But in Denmark, it is a good sign. Here, people smash china plates outside their friend’s front gate to show the loyalty and affection towards them. So, the more broken plates, the more well-wishers you have.

4. Round shape brings luck

According to Filipinos, round shape signifies coins and wealth so they want everything to be circular shaped on New Year’s Eve. In Philippines, many families keep round fruits on the dining table and wear clothes which have designs like polka dots. In fact, they even keep coins in their pockets to ensure good fortune in the New Year.

5. Visit the graveyard

In Chile, thousands of people visit graves of their family members on the New Year’s Eve to celebrate the occasion. It was started when a family jumped off the fence at night to visit the cemetery of their father and welcome the year with him. After this incident, city mayor ordered to open the doors of the graveyard at night and people embraced this tradition by going there every year after 11 p.m.

6. Lead pouring

Austria also has a strange method to find out what is planned for them in the coming year. They pour lead into the container filled with water and interpret the future depending on the shape that is formed with it. E.g., an anchor shape signifies the danger while circle is for wealth. The same practice is followed in Finland where they use tin instead of lead to predict the future.

There are many other customs and beliefs that are followed in different countries such as burning old photos, eat lentils, burning scarecrow, etc. You can try them this year in get-together and parties and check for yourself if they work or not.

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