Technologies That You Didn’t Even Know Existed

Brilliant inventions that are not known to everyone

technology gadget

Well, the world of science & technology is growing with a rapid pace and people are catching up to it with similar speed. Advancements in literally every field have made life easier and the world a better place to live in. Excellent global connectivity has ensured that anything new which hits the market spreads like a wildfire. Despite this, there are a few terrific ideologies that materialize into a commodity and find great application but cannot garner the required appreciation. This blog brings you some of the similar inventions and technologies that despite being tremendously innovative didn’t gain enough popularity. Take a read!

Robo taxi

As the name suggests, this is a robotic application that is used for transportation services. Robot taxi service is a robot controlled vehicle meant for utmost two passengers and works on a local navigation system especially designed for the operation. People just have to board the taxi and enter destination, rest is looked after by the robotic mechanism.

robo cab

Anti gravity chargers

These were basically meant for charging the smartwatches instantly but are now available for plenty of items. It provides a platform for the device where you can keep your mobile phone, tablet, watch, media player, etc., and within a few minutes get them all charged up without plugging in anything.

Smart bracelet

This device turns your hand into a screen. User just needs to tie the bracelet onto the wrist and switch on the device. Now the bracelet will project a screen on your arm that shows messages, applications, and all other content just like a smartphone.

Auto clean door knob

It saves you from the trouble of cleaning the handle of the door repeatedly. This knob is fitted with a device that automatically sterilizes the outer surface after every contact.

Transparent Refrigerators

Transparent refrigerators are fitted with a door panel that is made up of see-through fiber and a display screen. This allows you to control the various operations and also keep an eye on the stuff inside the fridge.

Smart bag pack

This is a very handy device for students, we must say. It is a quite hi-tech bag that consists of plenty of compartments and pockets but what separates it from the others are its special features that include mobile charging ports, laptop carrying unit, music player with audio jack, an in-built navigator, a bullet-proof safe, and above all a camera.

smart bag

360 Camera

It is a ball-shaped shock resistant device that has numerous cameras fitted on the outer surface area. It has powerful lens that can capture high resolution images and videos from almost every possible angle. It is used for filming and sports coverage purposes.

Hope you had a fun time reading about these awesome gadgets.

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