TED Talks That Every Student Must Watch

Must-watch TED talks recommended for students

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Students go through a lot of hard work and dedication in their academic year as they manage studies, sports, and other activities. It might be difficult for them to keep themselves motivated, inspired, and positive all the time, especially when they also have to face other social problems like bullying, body shaming, peer pressure, and much more. To boost the spirit of all you students, there is one solution for it which might influence you to be more passionate i.e.,TED talks. You must have heard about it from your friends or have seen some videos on the internet. If not, then let us tell you something about it. It is a nonprofit organization where most innovative, inspiring, creative personalities from all over the globe give short but influential and meaningful speech. They talk about some of the common issues related to students, teens, adults, and society they live in.

Here we are providing you the list of some must-watch TED talks for every student:

1. The danger of a single story

This speech was given by author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie where she talked about how many of us are close-minded, see only one side of a coin and judge others accordingly. According to her, there are three sides of a story: yours, theirs, truth and we should try to view everything with different perspectives. She quoted, ‘Show one thing over and over again and that is what they become.’ According to her, we usually get ignorant and believe in stereotypes which is true but incomplete.

2. Power of introverts

In today’s culture where everyone supports teamwork, author Susan Cain argues in favor of introverts. She explains the importance of such people and how we need to encourage them. She gave the examples of many successful leaders, scientists, philosophers, who didn’t talk much but were creative and best in their fields. She states that how schools, colleges, and offices are set up which promotes extrovert nature and introverts are often ignored. In her words, ‘Solitude matters as it is air that they breathe.

3. Grit: The power of passion and perseverance

Angela Lee Duckworth in this TED talk, recommends that learning can be improved through effort. It is a six to seven minutes speech yet impacts you to put your determination and hard work in anything that you want to achieve, and you will surely succeed.

She gave up teaching seventh grade to research about the key to success and found out through several studies that one trait common among achievers is grit.

4. Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

In this witty and hilarious speech, Tim Urban gives you an insight into the mind of a procrastinator. He explains about a rational decision maker that controls the wheel and guides us to complete the work on time. But, he is always influenced by an instant gratification monkey who tells him to postpone the work, and as the deadline approaches, panic monster gives us the alarm to finish our job. He explains all this in a very entertaining and informative manner.

5. To This Day… for the bullied and beautiful

Whether you have ever faced bullying in your school and college or not, this one is highly recommended for every student. Shane Koyczan discusses how bullying never stops even after college and its effects can be seen in long-term. Also, how bullied change themselves through surgeries, exercises, and diet, but that is not all, they have a beautiful and rare quality of empathy and can connect emotionally with others. He has used a poetic language to describe all these along with live violin playing in the background which makes the storytelling different and amazing.

If you haven’t seen any of the above-mentioned TED talks, then we would suggest you watch them soon. They are popular amongst many students and would surely inspire you to be a better person. The motivational speech would also help you in case you are feeling low and depressed. So, wait no more and listen to these excellent speakers now!

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