Six Things You Really Have to Know About Law School

Everything you need to know before starting your law degree

Things to Know About Law School

When we choose our degree program and enter college, we are young, naive, and have a bundle of false expectations. All our imaginations are dependent on what we have heard from our seniors, family members, and seen in movies. At that time, we believe everything whether it’s accurate or not because it is difficult to know what it actually takes to be in college. Same can be said for law college too, right from putting forward our first step, we wish to be well informed about the life as a law student. We start to realize that there is nothing dreamy about it rather it’s stressful and anxiety-ridden.

Here are a few points that will debunk some of your myths while confirming the other facts about the life in law college, and forewarn you what you are signing up for. Take a look:

You have to read a lot

Let’s start with the scariest one, i.e., reading day and night. Yes, there might be a time when you have to spend hours in your library reading all the important books related to a particular clause, or case. Honestly, it is difficult to estimate the actual amount of reading that is involved in the law degree, but students of this field have a reputation of clocking up treading hours as they have to learn new laws every week and research about its academic opinions from scratch. By the end of your first year, you will be really quick in picking the key themes of an article or locating important paragraphs from a case. You just need to get yourself prepared for the endless reading list.

Career prospects

You need to be cleat as to why you are opting this field for your graduate degree. Law is a respectable branch and offers a number of career options, but what is your motive to study this subject? You should have an accurate answer to this question. During unfavorable economic conditions, law firms reduce the training contracts and even cancel the internships program. Moreover, it doesn’t guarantee high income and luxury life. So you have to start admitting this fact and instead of demoralizing yourself, work hard to excel in your academic and professional career.

Everyone will ask you for legal advice

For some unknown reason, a majority of people think that laws students are like an overflowing fountain of legal knowledge that can be tested at will. But just FYI, the more law you know, the less confidence you have to state the definite legal actions in certain areas. This is so because you will be focusing more on controversial cases of law, and might easily forget the simple ones. Also, you become liable when you advise someone and accept the default responsibility for it being correct. And this is the major reason that students refrain from giving any legal suggestion.

Law books cost a fortune

Yes, law books can provide you with an incredible amount of knowledge, but this doesn’t come cheap and easy. Many people might have failed to mention to you that these books can actually cost you a fortune. As they are necessary for your lectures, so you can’t avoid to buy them. Of course, you can borrow them from seniors, or library, but there is no guarantee that you will find them easily. You can go for online versions and get them printed which will be a much cheaper deal for you.

You need to be smart and organized

There is no particular definition of ‘sharp mind’ in law college as every student has a particular set of skills that may work for him and not for others. But one thing is for sure; you need to be smart as you would be applying different laws to the specific situation. You should be familiar with the legislation, and whenever the need arises instead of studying it in detail every time, you should just check it for minor points. You must also be good at mentioning specific examples for every detailed case study. This workload can be lessened if you know how to be organized and focused. Plan ahead, prioritize your work, and keep your end goal in mind.

There will be no single ‘eureka!’ moment

There are several areas of law that deal with human actions and are very similar to each other that you might often get confused. But you would be studying only a few topics at a time and chances are you may not understand some of them completely until you cover the others too. You may start feeling frustrated like you are in the dark, but that should not overpower your will and spirit as it’s absolutely normal in every branch of study. Universities are now trying to arrange courses in such a way that the first-year syllabus can stand on their own. For example, it is okay to study Land law before Trusts/Equity and not understanding what exactly ‘trust’ is because that topic will come later in the course.

We know that the above-mentioned points may look scary and terrifying to you. But no need to get nervous as time and patience will help you to understand the complicated life of college better.

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