9 Tips to Study Effectively Before Exams

What Are the Best Tips For Exam Preparation?

Last Minute Exam Preparation

Students who are not dedicated, focused, and do not do study regularly throughout the year, face a lot of difficulties during their exams. At that time, they need to cover the syllabus of whole year in in a few days, and that’s why they rush into things and study continuously for 10-12 hours. But this is not an effective way of studying.

So, if you too don’t have enough time to prepare for your exams, but still want to secure good marks, then take a read through the following tips mentioned below:

1. Make a Proper Schedule

Make a schedule that can balance your study as well as extracurricular activities. For making a proper time-table, you must have an idea about how many subjects you have to study, how many chapters you have to cover in each subject, and how much time each chapter will take. Time for revision should also be allotted. This will help you cover all the subjects on time.

2. Gather Your Materials

The most important step to follow after making the schedule is to arrange all your course materials. If you don’t have enough notes, take help from the internet or ask your peers to help you. The more you have resources, the higher you have chances of getting good grades.

3. Don’t Study For Too Long

The optimum period for continuously studying is 3 hours. For obtaining the maximum output from those 3 hours, you should take a 5 minute break after every 50-55 minutes of study. If you need to study for long hours, then you must take a break of 25-30 minutes after every 3 hour. Studying in such a way will keep you focused and stress-free.

4. Focus on Core Materials

Divide your syllabus into the core and additional materials. The core part consists of theories, equations, formulas, important charts, and diagrams. On the other hand, the additional one includes examples, illustrations, and questions that were asked in previous years. 80% of the questions are asked from the core materials, and that’s why it should be taken into prime consideration.

5. Study Different Subjects

While making a schedule, you should not allot too much time for a single subject. You should also consider about other subjects as well. Studying a single subject for too long can make you feel exhausted and stressed. To study effectively, you should keep studying different subjects. It will keep your interest alive and also help you cover every subject on time.

6. Use Visual Cues For Learning

Write the useful information such as definitions, formulas, and important dates on a chart paper and stick them on your walls or cupboards. Keeping such important information always in front of your eyes will help you learn it easily.

7. Revise Before Examinations

If you are continuously studying different subjects for a last few days before exams, then you must do revision before appearing in exams. If it’s not done properly, then you might not be able to remember the essential information you have learned.

8. Solve Previous Year Question Papers

One of the most effective ways to prepare for the exam in a short span of time is solving previous year question papers. This will help you know about the format and evaluation criteria. Solving them will also help you calculate the time you need for the test.

9. Sleep Well

Most of the students study till late night before exams. They are unaware of the fact that not getting proper sleep may cause memory loss. So, it’s very important to have a proper sleep to keep the learnings for a long time.

Achieving good grades in exams has become very important these days. For that, you need to be well prepared for your exams. Hope the above mentioned nine tips will help you study effectively and finish your syllabus in a very short span of time. However, most of the times pending academic documents, such as essays, assignments, and reports don’t let students prepare well for exams. If you too have been struggling with the same, then take assistance from our professional writers who offer essay writing help to students. They will work on your documents with utmost perfection so that you can get excellent grades. So, hurry up and contact them at the earliest!

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