Easy Tips for Writing a Good Essay on Any Topic

How to Write a Good Essay?

tips on writing good essay

Students often consider the task of writing an essay as a burden and highly overwhelming. Whether it’s for a test, a competition, or for the year book, essay writing never seems to find any voluntary participant. This is mainly because essay writing is not that easy, and requires skills & some prior preparation.

For all you students out there who find it difficult to write essays and avoid considering the idea of making an effort towards the same, here are a few tips that will not only stir up your writing appetite but will make the uphill task of writing an essay way easier for you.

Let’s have a look at these tips.

Come up with a Topic

You must be wondering how can searching a topic for an essay could be interesting? Well, there is a chance that you are asked to write an essay about something referring to a specific field and you have no interest in that field whatsoever but there is one thing you could do, you can watch a movie related to it. And, don’t worry these days movies are made on literally anything. It will help you build some interest in that field. You could also watch documentaries and come up with the topics that you find interesting to work on.


Once you have finalized the topic, it’s time to research on it. Conventional way to go about it is by looking for information on the Internet or by reading books. Despite the abundance, you can not trust the authenticity of the stuff you’re looking at, so a better alternative would be to read published essays. It will reward you with an array of different writing styles and also provide you information about the topic.

Draw an Outline

Now that you have gathered enough information about the topic, it’s time to create an outline as to how you are going to write your essay. The outline must have a sequence pattern in which you want to write the information which you’ve accumulated. Emphasize the points which seem relevant and could play significant role in fetching you good results.


Formatting is simply arranging the content in a set standardized syntax. There is one common problem though which is often encountered by students while formatting and that is exceeding the world limit. It can happen at times that the content you have collected has plenty of important information, and you find it difficult to pick & choose the more essential ones, don’t think about it much! You can use pen & paper to make a priority list. Also, include the more important content in the body and slide in the stuff that ranks low on the list in other sections of the essay.


It may have been mentioned in the end but holds equal priority to every other tip. Check and reassess until you stop finding little errors. Reviewing also helps you to find out if you have missed something or forget to include anything necessary. You can ask your friends to suggest useful points!

We hope this blog guides you in drafting a good essay.

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