Eight Time Management Tips That Will Improve Your Productivity

Eight Simple and Effective Tips to Manage Your Time

time management

College students often complain about time crunch due to which they fail to complete their academic duties within the stipulated deadline. It’s quite obvious as there are so many things they need to do right from attending the classes, doing their homework, preparing for exams, to the extra-curricular activities such as sports and dramatics that it becomes tough to focus on each of them properly. Here are some effective tips to help them manage time in a better way:

1) Delegate tasks

It is common for students to take more tasks than their potential which can result in stress and burnout. One great way is to delegate some responsibilities to others. For example- if you are not able to understand the intricate concepts of a subject, then hire an expert who can teach you those topics. Doing so will save the precious time that you may use for other purposes.

2) Prioritize work

Before starting a day, make a list of tasks that need to be completed on the same day. This will help you focus on the things that are more important and will eliminate you from wasting your time on the trivial tasks. While making your ‘to-do’ list make sure they are attainable; otherwise it will leave you with the feeling of failure at the end of the day. To manage your time in a better way, you may think of making three lists: studies, extracurricular, and personal.

3) Avoid procrastination

Procrastination can waste your time to a great extent which ultimately leads to failure at the completion of tasks. So, avoid it at any cost. One great way to do so is by setting targets, achieving them, and rewarding yourself for successful completion of the tasks. This is a way to keep yourself motivated which will automatically help in dealing with laziness.

4) Avoid stress

Stress occurs when we do more work than our ability. While a little bit of stress helps in completion of a task on time, too much of it will dampen your cognitive skills and energy level making you feel tired. So, avoid taking the stress and try to keep yourself fresh and mindful.

5) Set up deadlines

Before starting to work on an academic task, set a realistic deadline and stick to it. It will help in completing it on time. Moreover, it will also make you more focused towards it.

6) Avoid multitasking

Most students think that multitasking is an efficient way to accomplish more tasks in limited time. But, that’s not the truth. Multitasking causes fragmented thinking that leads to less productivity and more errors.

7) Start early

Most good students have one thing in common, i.e., they wake up early in morning. This habit gives them enough time to study and do important things on time. Moreover, it has been found that one can study and learn more in the morning and the memories that you create in these hours become more permanent in your brain.

8) Block out distractions

Certain habits kill enough time from your daily life. So, recognise those things and weed them out. For example- if you are a social media addict, then do not use your phone or laptop while studying. However, if your subject requires online studies, try an app that blocks online distractions. Also, if you’re working on a writing project, try going into fullscreen mode to prevent yourself from opening tabs or responding to desktop notifications.

As you start to use these time management skills, you will find that you get more valuable work completed in less time.

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