7 Ways to Write an Outline of Essays

How to Write an Outline of Essays?

Write Outline of Essay

An essay is intended to convince the readers about a particular idea. Writing an essay requires several steps to be done properly and the most important among them is drafting an outline before writing. An outline provides structure and guidance for writers. It briefly describes the structure of the essays sequentially and coherently. Knowing how to outline is an important skill for students as most of the professors demand to submit the outline of the work before moving for the writing process.

Keeping such importance in mind, our academic writers have enlisted a few steps to draft an outline of essays effectively:

1. Read the Guidelines Carefully

Highlight the essential points of the guidelines. Make sure that you have understood the instructions what your professor have instructed you. If any problem occurs, then clear it with your professor.

2. Develop a Topic

Make a list of all the ideas that are coming to your mind. Write whatever comes to your mind regarding that idea. Try to highlight the most important ideas in them. Then write down 3-4 lines more related to that information. Continue writing sentences until and unless you have gathered several useful points. This step will help you develop several ideas for your topic.

3. Identify the Audience

Once you have developed the topic, you need to know the purpose of the paper and for whom you are writing for. Always keep in mind that who is going to read your essay either your professor, classmates or any external. Identify the needs and expectations of your readers that what they want to know from your write-up. Use your words accordingly by keeping in mind that how they will react.

4. Choose a Standard Alphanumeric Structure For An Outline

A standard alphanumeric way is the most common way used for organizing the points while drafting an outline. Each sub-points can be mentioned with the help of roman numbers, upper or lower case alphabetical, and Arabic numerals.

  • Roman numerals can be used to mark major headlines.
  • Capitalized letters can be used to denote the main points in that headlines.
  • Arabic numbers can be used to mention the discussion of all those primary points.
  • Lowercase letters can be used to write any tip or sentence, if required.

5. Write the Introduction in the First Section of Outline

This section should include general but eye-catchy content regarding your topic. The information you provide in the introductory part become more specific and explanatory in the upcoming points.

  • Like the first sub-point should only explain the definition of the topic.  
  • The second sub-point should discuss about the history, facts, and figures related to that topic.
  • The final sub-point should be the thesis statement.

6. Write the Main Body in the Middle of An Outline

The main body is the most elaborative section of the essay and requires maximum time & effort to draft it. It should include at least three sub-sections.

  • In each sub-section, first of all, mention the argument then write supportive evidence to justify that argument.  
  • After that you should write out explanation analyzing the evidence and how does it support the argument.
  • If required, you can also write any sentence at the end of each sub-section that will give an idea about your next argument.

7. The Conclusion at the End

This section should give an idea about all the general discussions wrote up in the introductory section. Rewrite your thesis first, but do not copy the thesis statement word by word. Instead, rephrase it with a different approach. Write a concluding statement. It will usually discuss the importance of the thesis, implications, and solutions to the discussed problems.

The aim of drafting an outline before writing an essay is to organize the ideas and thoughts related to the topic to follow a proper approach while writing it. Now you must have understood the ways to draft an effective conclusion of your essay which will help in improving your writing and thus your grades.

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