Online Tools That May Help Students in Writing

Six online software that may be useful in writing

online assignment writing tools for students

College is all about fun, making new friends, discovering knowledge, discovering oneself, etc. But, with all these comes some of the greatest challenges. One of them is writing, which is the most dreadful task for students. Whether it is an assignment, presentation, or any other document, students avoid the work and often seek online assignment help. It's not only about academic work; even the aspiring writers sometimes find it difficult to come up with new ideas and have no option but to stare at the blank screen of the computer. If you also intend to have a career in writing, you might relate to the situation above. With so many writers be it content, web, etc., one has to be creative and at the same point be flawless in writing style, avoiding any grammar or technical error. But you need not worry anymore, as gone are the days when typewriter was the only invention to make your work convenient. Apart from computers, there are many new advancements that make the task lot easier.

We have gathered six such online tools that help students to up their writing game. So here we go:

Google Docs

Google offers web-based software within its Google Drive service such as Google Docs, Sheets, and slides which is a word processor, a spreadsheet, and a presentation tool respectively. Over the last few years, it has become quite popular among the writers. So if you are not typing on Microsoft Word, you can use it as it allows you to share your screen with another person. So if you are working on any particular project with your friend, this is quite a convenient way. You can see each other’s document while accessing separate computers. It also saves all your changes in the document automatically as you type.


Spelling or grammatical mistakes can be a huge disaster for any document. So to avoid such blunders, Grammarly is a great proofreading software. It checks all your punctuation, typos, wrong sentences, along with spellcheck. Moreover, you just need to double-click on the word, and it will suggest you synonyms.

Cliché Finder

One of the important rules of writing is to avoid using metaphor, simile, and any other figure of speech. This online tool highlights all the clichés so you can avoid overused expressions in your document. Especially, the ones which are used so much that they have lost their original meaning. If you frequently write such phrases, then this is a perfect solution for you.


Along with counting words, characters, syllables, this service also helps you to spot all the overused words in your write-up. If you want your document to be detailed, it even points the repetition of small terms like ‘ifs’ and ‘buts.’ For the SEO purpose, it can track the keyword density in the whole content.

Imagination Prompt

Have you ever experienced writer’s block? If yes, then you must know how frustrating it might get whether you are writing an assignment or a novel. But, Imagination Prompt is your savior in such situations. It provides cues to get you started with simple sentences like ‘What is the truth?’ You can add your own twists to these prompts such as ‘What is truth in marketing?’. It also helps you in case you find it difficult to choose a topic for your document.


It is more of a reading app than writing. This tool measures the readability of the document and gives you a rough idea about the education level one should have to read your write-up. You can find out how easy your paper is to read. It also makes your document simple and easy-to-read, by removing all the clutters.

So the next time you face any difficulty while writing any document, you know what to do, right? And another important point is that some of them are absolutely free.

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