Top 10 Super Foods for College Students

Best food items for students to stay healthy

super foods

The best way to stay healthy is eating good food items in just the right quantity as they provide the essential nutrients to the body in appropriate proportions.

Every single human being has different food requirements depending upon his/her lifestyle. Having mentioned that, it is needless to say how draining and demanding a student life is. It becomes very difficult to carve out sufficient time even for eating. Keeping in mind that juggling chores such as assignment writing, preparation for academic quiz, making presentations, etc., require a lot of energy, so importance of eating healthy becomes all the more necessary. With insufficient time on hand, it becomes tough for students to eat the right amount. Hence, the intake ofthe food items that provide more nutrients even when taken in small quantities can prove advantageous. Here, we bring you a list of such ten super foods which provide ample nutrients.

Have a look:


Almonds are rich in proteins, fiber, and fat. Eating 5-6 almonds every day is beneficial for your skin and hair as well. Primarily, they provide instant energy and important nutrients to the body that can help you stay energetic for long. Don’t forget that it sharpens the memory, and hence it’s a premier super food.


It’s one of the most salutary veggies. Broccoli is an excellent source of magnesium and vitamin C that also improves the immune system. Eating small amounts of broccoli twice a week will keep you away from the diseases.


Lentils have numerous health benefits such as they improve heart health, digestion, manages blood sugar levels, help in weight loss, etc. Adding lentils to daily diet will decrease the risk of water borne diseases.


Papaya is rich in digestion boosting enzymes that maintain appropriate pH level inside the body. It is even more beneficial for non vegan students as it helps in digesting high protein intakes of meat.


Blueberries are a perfect example of super food that are tasty and healthy. Rich in growth stimulating acids, they are a rich source of vitamin K & C which are hardly present in any other food item.


Beans are packed with proteins and have low fat content. There are varied varieties of beans available and surprisingly all of them are equally healthy. Small intake of beans in routine can save you from heart diseases and provide you with nutrients that are essentially required daily.


Unlike other nuts, it has an additional component and that’s non saturated fat. Despite their poor reputation, non saturated fats are also essential for body. Eating a fistful of walnuts every week will provide you ample proteins and energy.


You must be frowning! Besides its taste, it is an extremely nutritious vegetable. All Leafy veggies are healthy but Kale is one step ahead because it has no fat, high fiber, and low calories. In short, it’s perfect for students.


Avocado is most abundant source of vitamins & minerals, as much as 21 of them. It has a terrific taste and a buttery texture which makes it a student’s favorite.


Honey is a tremendous source of instant energy that is rich in glucose and anti-oxidants. A dollop of honey has almost 50 calories, enough to boost you up. Studies say that eating honey decreases the chances of cancer, and a few other heart diseases.

Hope you had good time reading this blog!

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