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Brands that are admired for their brilliant marketing policies

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Thanks to the latest marketing strategies and innovations, global presence is no longer a hassle for companies, and even small and newly established companies can compete in the international market to reach the potential buyers. Marketing departments are consistently trying to come up with creative policies by understanding the world market. Some of the most popular companies have adopted unique ideas, such as adjusting menus to appeal diverse group, hosting events, and simply maintaining brand identity by designing interesting logos, to reach the top of their business.

Being a marketing manager aspirant, you would also be required to craft a strategy that would expand your organization’s reach. Here are some companies whose marketing schemes would inspire you to come up with the great ideas. Have a read:


One may wonder how this red and white logo is so well recognized around the world even after so many years. Their brand identity is still consistent and inspires other startups to come up with great marketing strategies. It invests a large amount of money in charity efforts and small community programs. Also, after being established in 1892, there hasn’t been major changes in its logo and taglines which is a primary reason behind its popularity.

coca cola charity events


The credit for the continuous evolution of Nike at a global level is definitely its technique to carefully select the international sponsorship. The best example of the same is its long-standing collaboration with Manchester United which garnered it the attention of world consumers. Its NikeID co-creation platform is another reason for its reach in the international markets. Its key strengths are the company’s marketing departments, such as product development and R&D, its highly sophisticated brand culture and marketing techniques that are adopted within this culture.

nike strategy


Founded in 2008, Airbnb is the perfect community to book and list accommodations across the globe. Although it was established in San Francisco, California, it has now reached to 1,500,000+ listings in over 34,000 cities worldwide. Well, the question is, who is the major contributor to this explosive global success? It is none other than social media. In 2015, Airbnb started a social media campaign with the hashtag #OneLessStranger. It was referred to as a "global, social experiment," where company asked the people to perform random hospitality acts for strangers, take a photo or video with that person and then share it on social media using the hashtag.

Just after the three weeks of the campaign, more than 3,000,000 people were engaged in it and were talking about the campaign.


It was not an overnight journey for Apple to reach the top of the game, they had to navigate through many roadblocks to stood the test of time. One thing that proved to be a savior for them was the movement that resulted in a craze amongst people for its products. Along with showcasing their product, their strategy also created a visionary and life-changing image of their goods. Their beautifully designed gadgets attracted not only tech nerds but also every common man who didn’t have much knowledge about technology.

apple product launch strategy

Red Bull

Austrian company Red Bull’s most successful tactic that made it a global brand was to host sports events across the world. Some of the major ones included Red Bull Air Race in the United Kingdom, Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix, Red Bull Soapbox Race in Jordan. This powerful marketing strategy took the brand everywhere. Apart from organizing events, another technique that played a pivotal role in its global appeal was its packaging. There was no 12-ounce can or a plastic bottle; it looked more like a European product.

red bull strategy


McDonald’s ‘glocal’ marketing efforts helped to keep its overarching branding consistent. Through its region-specific menu, McDonald’s ensures local flavors to different countries. For example, the introduction of a flatbread sandwich, named McArabia in the Middle East, macaroons in French, and McSpaghetti to its Philippines menu.

mac donald different flavours

Yes, we agree that some companies have visionary leaders, some have huge budgets, while others get lucky with viral contents. However, there are some common threads, such as the presentation of the brand, response to consumers, honesty to their motto & mission which can be adopted by any company from multi-million dollar budget to a low capital firm.

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