Reasons Video Tutorials Are Better Learning Mode for Students

Why students prefer visual lessons over books?

Video Tutorials

With technological advancements in the education sector, there has been a great revolution in the learning techniques. Students are more inclined to online tutorials to extend their knowledge. In fact, teachers also promote video lessons to impart awareness through visual classes as they add various dimensions to the learning process and make it more effective. When classroom lectures come to life, they offer a different perspective that students can take advantage of.

Below, our assignment writing experts have discussed the five benefits of video tutorials for students. Take a look:

Multimedia Aids

Video tutorials combine slides, photos, charts, graphics, screenshots, narration, on-screen captions, live video, and music to provide a multidimensional experience to learners. This is the best mode of learning for students who struggle with retaining information through college lectures. The more multimedia tools are used in a video, the more scholars are able to focus, and comprehend the concepts. Of course, you need to avoid utilizing complex and time-consuming ones.

Accessible anywhere, anytime

No matter what part of the country you are in, you just need an internet connection and your mobile or laptop to study through online videos. Even if you are taking a ten-minutes ride in a bus or train, you can utilize that time to learn concepts of your subject or something interesting, such as playing a song on a piano, using photo editing apps, or other educational or hobby-related tasks. The best part is that you don’t need a teacher or a book to learn how to do something, a few minutes of video is sufficed.


In a college classroom, it is possible to miss the point or not able to apprehend a specific topic, and students often find it embarrassing to raise queries from their professor. However, video tutorials allow to pause, stop, rewind and play it as many times as you want which is necessary for memory retention especially during the exams. You can even check and recheck the notes for accuracy. These online video lessons enable learners to focus on significant segments and avoid the unimportant ones.

Short and precise

While classroom lectures usually stretch for an hour or longer, online video lessons are shorter with only specific pieces of information explained in an easy language with examples. For example, if you want to know how to enhance or change the color of the background in Photoshop, then you don’t need to watch videos that are about each and every tool. Instead, you can directly jump on the ones that are solely focused on the background designing, and these tutorials will not take more than five minutes.

Endless supply

You can come across numerous videos that will help you to learn every aspect that you are trying to comprehend with each of them providing new and unique information than the other. So, if your question is not answered in one tutorial, then you can conveniently skip that and play another till you find your query solved. In the process, you can also find additional information that you might not know before. However, that is not the case when you learn through books or take a course as you have to finish them till the end to find the bit of information that you are missing. Video lessons allow you to search for the specific problem by typing the keyword and will give you several answers to go through in just a few seconds.

So, next time you struggle with a tricky concept or trying to learn something different and unique, we suggest you find a video tutorials regarding it online, be it on YouTube or any other website. The good news is most of them are available for free so you might not need to shell out to garner knowledge. All you have to do is finding the correct online site, type the keyword and there you are, with hundreds of results on your screen which is not at all possible with books or short-term courses. That is why video tutorials are gradually becoming a preferred alternative to classroom learning.

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