Want to be Happy? Stop Doing These Things Now!

Five Things that Hinder your happiness

Want to be Happy?

Wasn’t life easier when we were kids? There were fewer things that made us worry rather than things that gave us happiness. It is really amazing to think that even the smallest and simplest things gave us joy and put a smile on our faces. Merely getting the first remote car and doing the hula hoop right was so important and big deal as if we have reached the top of the world. However, as we grew older and our world got bigger with various experiences, happiness seemed something that is hard to achieve. Why is it so? What changes the things?

Well, our assignment help writers who come across a number of stressed and depressed students because of their college workload have analyzed the scenarios and listed some points. According to the experts, scholars need to stop:

Aiming for perfection

We all want to attain perfection in life, and for this, we keep struggling every day and ignore small achievements and happiness that come our way. Most of us spend our whole life running a rat race just to prove ourselves best amongst the rest. However, the truth is there is no such thing as perfection. In the pursuit of making everything perfect, you are simply wasting your valuable time, energy and driving yourself crazy. You must rather put that energy and time into something more creative. Remember, when you aim for perfection, you become a part of a never-ending battle that leads you nowhere. It is better to immerse into something more fun and enjoyable like reading and traveling.

Ignoring your needs

No one wants to be tagged as selfish or self-centered, and for this, we put all our efforts to please others. In fact, there are people who feel guilty for doing what is best for themselves because they think that they are ignoring their friends and family. #Truefact: Trying to make everyone happy is no less than a mission impossible as it is impossible to do that. Moreover, while you are focusing on taking care of others’ needs, you are completely ignoring your own, and there is hardly anyone else to do so for you. When you stop thinking about yourself and your happiness, everybody else ignores it too. It is the hard truth, but you need to realize it sooner. We are not suggesting you to be evil or mean to others, but do not give up your own desires without a valid reason.

Putting your happiness into other’s hands

If you don’t know how to be happy and don’t love yourself, then do not expect others to do it on your behalf. We often look for happiness in being with our friends, family, and partners which is natural. But relying entirely on them is a big mistake because your happiness is inside you and not outside. There is no one who can fill the void if you are sad and besides you, no one knows what’s best for you. We understand that being with your loved ones and spending quality time with them make you content. However, you also need to figure out the ways you can seek happiness without second person in the picture.

Comparing yourself to others

No two individuals are same, and that is one of the most beautiful things in life. We get to learn so much from others and are inspired to become a better human being. As we all are unique with our own set of strength and weaknesses, there is no point in comparing two people. We just end up being envious and miserable for what we are not and don’t have. Have faith in yourself and life journey, and rest assured that all the right things will come your way at the right moment. Another step that you must take in this direction is to stop spending hours looking at the perfect lives of your friends on social media because you never know their life may not be that ideal and they are facing their own challenges. Also, praise yourself for all the little achievements that you get from time to time.

Living to others’ expectations or standards

Every society has its norms, and as part of this social group, we have to abide by them to get accepted by others. However, prioritizing those rules over your thoughts and opinions will not make you happy. You don’t need to get married before thirty just because others are doing so. In fact, as a matter of fact, you don’t need to get married at all if you don’t want to. Follow your heart and don’t waste your time in meeting others’ expectations especially those who don’t care about you and want you to be part of the herd. Create your own goals and let others spend their energy in judging you.

In our struggle to be accepted by society and prove ourselves better than the others, we often let people and social rules define our individuality and notion of happiness. However, it’s high time we need to think about what we really are and look for joy inside.

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