Weirdest Inventions Ever Made

Read about some of the strange and funny inventions

funny inventions

When great ideas turn into reality, we get some of the most useful inventions ever made. Scientists and creators have worked day in and day out to give us some life-changing machines. If we see around ourselves, we can notice cars, mobile phones, computers, ATMs, cooking stoves, etc., which made our life convenient. Even a simple umbrella or curtains are so useful in our daily life. But, there are many plans which might sound excellent in the head, but when they get materialized, they turn out to be a disaster. Although the thought behind them was logical and the product was meant to reduce our workload, they looked really absurd when launched in the market. Sometimes they were useless, unnecessary or just strange.

So, we are providing you a list of the weirdest inventions ever made in the world, and you can check if they can be useful to you or not.

Let’s begin:

1. Baby Mop

There are many women who have a baby and get tired looking after him/her whole day. They also feel too lazy to clean the house and avoid it most of the time because all the other household work take most of the their time and energy. Well, there is a solution to this problem- a baby mop. Yes, you heard it right. It is a cloth designed for babies so that they can clean and mop the floor while crawling. And, mums can enjoy watching their little ones tumbling all around while they are busy making their house neat and shiny.

baby mop

2. Screen privacy hood

Do you hate it when you do something on your laptop or computer and your friends peep? Relax, this invention is especially for you. It is a screen privacy hood that you and your computer can wear together. Only you will be able to see the monitor through the uncomfortable and narrow way. Don’t worry you won’t be suffocated because they have made a provision for that. So, next time you are surfing the internet and something inappropriate pops out, no need to get hyper as no one will be looking at it.

3. Snowstorm mask

This one was invented in 1939 and is really a strange device. For all those who don’t like when snow hits their face, this Canadian invention is here to your aid. You can wear this mask on your face while going out in a snowstorm. We are not sure how will you look in this cone-shaped glass contraption, but you can buy it if you want to try.

4. Hug me pillow

This invention might creep you out. It’s a pillow with one arm and specially made for girls who might feel lonely at times. It might be scary sometimes if they woke up at midnight and find one random hand cuddling them, but might help the ladies who feel friendless.

5. Radio Hat

There are so many music lovers who always wear headphones be it while driving, studying, writing, etc., but back in 1931, when there were no earphones, an American inventor made the portable radio in a straw hat. People could carry the whole radio anywhere they want and can enjoy the music playing constantly above their head.

radio hat

6. Toilet paper hat

This one is the last but the best among all. If you easily catch cold and gets sneezing fits, this is pure bliss. You can wear the hat with a roll of toilet paper attached to it. So, if you are under the weather next time during your presentations and class, wear this hat to avoid sneezing on the face of your teacher.

These were the few out of many such weird inventions. The list is long which includes subway chinrest, noodles fan, air-conditioned shoes, football chair, shower mic, etc. Many of them might be funny, but you never know which one of these inventions might get popular in future.

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