Want to Work as a Freelancer? Consider These Websites

Top five useful websites for freelancers

Freelancer Websites

It may be because you want to develop your professional scope, polish your skills, pay your phone bills, or simply like the thought of working with freedom, freelancing is becoming popular amongst college-goers with each passing day. Students start to fend for themselves from the early year of their academic career to establish themselves as professionals by the time they become graduate. Moreover, there are certain other benefits too which make freelancing preferred over a permanent job, such as no rules, liberty to work from anywhere, no office politics, less time, and much more. With the growing trend of freelancing, the resources are also increasing at the same pace.

We have listed top five websites that you can check out to find work as a freelancer. Take a look:


In recent times, Upwork has emerged as one of the biggest platforms that provides amazing opportunities to designers and several companies. The former can post their information to find a suitable work chance and the latter uploads all the recruitment details on the page. At present, there are almost 1.5 million clients at Upwork, and it offers some brilliant scope in various fields other than designing, such as IT professionals, programmers, financial advisers, writers, attorneys, translators. So, if you are pursuing a degree course in any of this branch, this one is highly recommended for you to find both short-term and long-term projects. You simply need to make your profile and earn basic pocket money by seeking even hourly projects


This one has quite a different approach as it offers work opportunity to seasoned freelancers who have immense talent and confidence in themselves. Of course, there is a fierce competition, and you have to clear a test for getting access to amazing and meaningful projects. This makes it all the more exclusive for high-level geeks from distinct branches. Some of its clients include Zendesk, JPMorgan, Airbnb, etc. Once you know what are the traits that companies are looking for and upload an attractive CV accordingly, there will be an abundance of offers for you. There is also the Toptal community that you can join for frequent tech events and meetups.


This website provides freelance work exclusively to designers from 192 countries. They can connect with hiring companies and showcase their talent. You can compete with other professionals from this field, do your best to win, and get reviews from potential clients. Design logo or whatever they are looking for based on the information they have uploaded on the website, send your work, and they will select the best one. The more contests you win, the more your profile will improve.


Same as other platforms, Freelancer also allows you to prove your skills and talent by giving you a chance to compete with other work seekers. This website was started in the year 2004 and currently has a large number of followers across the globe. The services that are outsourced here covers several fields which include writing, web designing, data entry, marketing, etc. Your abilities and confidence can garner numerous clients for you. It has been recommended by various companies and individuals to people looking for small projects.


It is another vast network that allows freelancers to connect with various companies. Guru lets you showcase your past experience on the site and also provides you with job-matching feature every day so that you don’t miss any good opportunity. This platform clearly states that they are looking for work on “technical, creative or business projects.” Therefore, you can come across plenty of work as an engineer, programmer, translator, game developer and attorney. Through Guru Work Room, you can conveniently manage your work. Moreover, it uses escrow which makes the payment safer as compared to other sites.

There are many options out there if you want to succeed as a freelancer. However, you just need to remember one thing, be patient and do not give up. It might take time to get the positive results, but you will have a fulfilling career once you pass the initial stage efficiently.

Being a student, it may get difficult for you to manage freelancing and your studies simultaneously. Therefore, we suggest you take assignment help for your academic papers and focus all your attention on your professional career. Rest assured that with us at your service, you will receive nothing less than an A grade in your assessment.

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