How to Write a Creative Assignment?

Know how you can draft a unique assignment

Tips on writing a creative assignment

Assignments are a far cry from other academic documents as they offer creative liberty. Furthermore, they allow us to think outside the box and come up with more unconventional ideas for better presentation.

If you’re a student, then assignments can have impactful significance in your academic career. So, to write one which is meaningful and exciting becomes all the more important. Here, we bring you a few simple tricks that would prove to be of great help in writing impressive assignments. Let’s have a look at them!

Start with an eye-catching introduction

As peripheral as it may seem, introduction plays a crucial role in building up an excellent assignment. To come up with a fresh opening part, you could go completely unorthodox! In simpler words, instead of conveying the standard whereabouts on the following content, you could shed some light on the current trends or mention famous personalities and their contributions to the topic, and much more.

Adding the Timeline

Certain assignments may contain important dates and events which could probably be running through a long period of time. For instance, if the assignment is about the French Revolution, then it is obligatory to mention events such as inception of the secret societies, Tennis court Oath, March on Versailles, etc.

When anything of this sort comes up which might sound unclear to the readers just because of the jam-packed turn of events, then a simple act of adding a timeline in reference to the complete document can add to the creativity and provide better understanding to the readers.

Leave a color trail

To make assignments look more appealing and edifying, include appropriate imagery and visuals at frequent intervals. You could use a series of pictures which run through the whole assignment in a way that they look interconnected. Also, you can slide-in a few photographs (not necessarily in reference to the subject but seem relevant to the context) that have a funny side to them.

Being visually playful doesn’t specifically mean using pictures and stuff; you can also use different colors as themes or backgrounds for various sections of the assignment.

Give Time to Detailing

Students often get derail and overdo the glamour part. It is important to note that at the end of the day, assignments are academic documents and need to be informative. While writing an assignment, try to include all the little details you came across while researching. Adding every bit of information to the content enriches the quality of the assignment. To make it creative, you can append real-life stories of the people who have made significant contributions to the topic, or you could also mention the latest practical implications and prospects.

Share Your experience

Convention suggests that you should acknowledge people who have helped you with the assignment. But to kick things up a notch, include anecdotes about your experience of working on it. You could also add photographs of yours with the people whom you discussed the topic and the ones who shared their insights with you. All this improves the creative quotient of the assignment.

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