Business Project and Project Management


To carry out a project from starting to finish stage, project team members give various contributions. In this context, it becomes essential for the project manager to make sure that appointed personnel highly skilled and knowledgeable (10 Reasons why Project Management matters, 2016). Before carrying out a project, there is a requirement to formulate some objective and effective utilization of resources. This can only possible with the help of project management tool. It is a kind of management discipline activity by which companies prepare and implement the project plans under the different constraints (Kerzner, 2013). The present study is based on business project and project management and to understand it importance Remploy Company case study is taking into consideration. The following case scenario reveals the ability of a program approach which has used by the company to deal with the different challenges and has developed a business in sustainable direction.

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Critical Justification

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of two Project Management Frameworks (PMF) of choice In Modernisation Programme of Remploy project, there is mainly two Project Management Frameworks (PMF) that can help in attaining project deliverables and these are Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) and Lean approach. Advantages and disadvantages of both of PMFs in the context of cited company are as follows:

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM): In the following PMF, an organization can easily plan a list of activities and manage them as pr the availability of the existing resources (Critical Chain Project Management and Critical Path Method, 2016). By considering Modernisation Programme of Remploy project, the project manager has divided the entire project plan into major sections: planning, implementation, monitoring and controlling. It has helped in managing the complexity of the plan in more effective manner by focusing over the attaining the project deliverables (Schwalbe, 2015). For Modernisation Programme of Remploy project, limitations and strengths of CCPM have follows:


  1. CCP has assisted the project manager of Modernisation Programme of Remploy project to minimize the overall duration of plan by scheduling of activities.
  2. It has allowed the project manager to keep monitoring over the impact of changes of scheduling of plan in the case of missing of milestones (Burke, 2013).
  3. With the help of CCPM, project manager of Modernisation Programme of Remploy project has able to given response to mitigate impacts of risks on project plan and its deliverables.


  1. CCPM has needed high level of commitment from project management side and it has not always possible that team members can understand the working of following framework in equal manner (LEAN Project Management vs. Agile Project Management, 2015).
  2. Modifications in plan have needed more time to reschedule time entire plan and this has brought delay in project.

Lean approach: It uses to bring the overall improvement in the quality of how a company is carrying out the projects. This makes the significant improvements in entire operational process. In the case of Modernisation Programme of Remploy project, lean approach has suitable because as per the given case study, company has wanted to optimally utilized the resources and attain the sustainable business (Project Management Frameworks. 2016). The following method has helped the project manager to complete the project in limited resources by improving the quality of operations.

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Limitation and benefits of Lean PMF for cited company will be as follow:


  • It has brought the reduction in the wastage of the resources that has utilized at the time of implementation of project (Meredith and Mantel Jr, 2011).
  • Lean approach has assisted Remploy organization to hire huge number of disable employees in mainstream operations in various factories with the aim of minimizing costing issues.
  • With the help of suggested PMF, the company has able to do smart work and it has leaded the firm to attain the sustainable business.
  • This has made the operation processes more effective and aligns them with the business objectives (Khan, 2016).


  • Lean PMF has unable Remploy to induce to everyone to accept the new changes because of Modernisation Programme of Remploy project.
  • Critical justification of selection of PMFs and appropriate reasons

The reason behind selection of Lean and CCPM PMFs for Modernisation Programme of Remploy project is it has helped the Remploy to solve its various issues and challenges. It has helped the organization to develop a sustainable business. Along with this, it has focus towards the optimum utilization of resources and meets the expectations of stakeholders (Wysocki, 2011).


From the above report, it can be concluded that different Project Management Frameworks have used in various projects context with the aim of attaining the major deliverables. In the context of Remploy’s Modernisation Programme project, Lean and CCPM PMFs have chosen by project manager because of several and other reasons.

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