Community Care Services

Sample on RHS and Community Care Services

Introduction to Community Care Services

It is important to study the scope of Social care services in the present scenario because it will give the learner the experience of being how the care services are delivered. Below report has been taken with the view of growth in the community care sector along with National Health Sector. It lays emphasis on the protection of vulnerable adults. The purpose of this Essay is to look beyond both the practical and theoretical aspects of community care services for older people along with its relationship with other services, which is NHS. For the purpose of study in this sector, 5 Star Dewsbury Care Home is taken to provide more practical view of the topic. The essay discusses on the recent developments, legislation, policy and procedures related to social care. Also as per researcher in depth analysis of the topic, a care plan is to be suggested apart from the essay.

Task 1

History of community care and NHS

The history of community care and NHS is said to be the history of the poor people. From the late 1940's the idea of social care began to develop as a concept. When the poor were ill or disabled, they need to leave their houses in order to get proper treatment which forced them to live in institutions such as later workhouses and asylums. Public authorities responded in the way of institutionalization to those who could not afford the care or financial support they needed. July 5 1948 – NHS was born. When health secretary Aneurin Bevan launched the NHS at Park Hospital in Manchester. Further in years NHS has introduced various new things under its umbrella: 1952 – charges of one shilling are introduced for prescriptions, 1953 – DNA structure revealed, 1954 – smoking and cancer link established, etc. Present scene of community care services is on the line of developments from subsequent reforms which were established in 1980's. Sir Roy Griffiths was commissioned to take the review of social care services that were prevailing. This marked the beginning of the developments in community care services. The origins of these services can be traced back in 1948 with the birth of 'Welfare Act'. However, the origin lies back in 19th century and prior to that period as well. At the initial levels the merits of developing care beyond the houses emerged in child care field. It was another decade before similar conversion started to develop in the field of care and sudden shift was noticed from a hospital care to community based services. It was not only the community care services who were making the use of social security funds but on the other hand health authorities were maximizing the opportunities too. They were transferring the patients from hospitals to voluntary care homes where their fees was paid by the social security systems. For both the NHS and Community care services the availability of these funds have been the factor in facilitating the rapid Growth.

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The concept relating to Social care at present is founded in NHS and Community Care Act 1990. The NHS and Community care Act, 1990 was the biggest reforms of NHS since it cam e into force in 1948. The legislation try's to bridge the gap between health authorities and local social services, it was based on two white papers: Working for Patients and Caring for People. There are many rules and regulations which after foundation of welfare state have defined the roles of local authorities in relation to social care. Care Act, 2014 gives the carers rights to assessment and support. This act came into force on April, 2015. Basically this act was established for the adults who help another disabled persons. This act provide support to adults to keep giving the services they are giving. Through this act carers can now be accessed by the authority so that they can know whether carer is in need of support or not & what are those needs. The laws which currently inform social care in general are governed by NHS and Community care act, 1990 and Carers act, 1995. The acts which change the course of the way community care has been viewed is NHS and community care act, 1990 which depicts its key principles which are: Firstly, the act has provided that emphasis should be given on planning and the requirement to produce a care plan for the particular area, discussing along with the representatives of community and other agencies. Secondly, The act states the roles and responsibilities of provider of the care and purchaser of the care as well as commissioner of the care. Thirdly, the approach which is going to be used in the care management (McCann and, 2015). The Health Act 1999 set up performance for health and social services to pool their budgets for services, and in many places there have been jointly-funded teams set up with authorities of both NHS and Community services on the workforce.

The vulnerable adults lacks capacity to communicate to others or have a mental disorder Scottish government passed a law which governs rights for those kind of peoples. The adults with incapacity Act 2000 provides safeguarding the welfare and managing the finances of adults. This act by Scottish government lay emphasis on the roles of the person who act on behalf of the adults who are incapable. It explains the meaning of incapacity and decision making capabilities of the representatives of adults. The act has been safeguarding the interest and properties of adults who are 16 and over 16. The main groups who get benefited from these act are people with: dementia, learning disability, chronic mental illness, and people with sensory impairment. The act has provided many ways through which a vulnerable adult can be helped are: Power of Attorney, Access to Funds Scheme, Guardianship Order, Intervention Orders. For the purpose of the act, meaning of incapable is acting and making of decisions in relation to any particular issue which arises due to mental disorder or vulnerability to communicate because of physical disability.

There are five key principles for care management which were published in the white paper "Caring for People: Community care in the Next decade and beyond". These are:

Identification of Need

The authority here has to obtain the information regarding the level of need required in the particular area and also plans to meet that need. Five Star Dewsbury Care Home should identifies needs in their locality.

Assessment of care Needs

This is the level of particular individual service client, assessing the needs of care might be complex or simple. A complex assessment may become a collaboration among the agencies and professionals.

Planning and Securing the delivery care

This involves the scheduling of the delivery of the care with proper planning. No two deliveries should coincide at same point of time.

Review of Clients Needs

People have a dynamic needs that may change as per time which eventually leads to change in care needs.

From the above task, it has been concluded that from the 19th century to 21st century their has been a significant rise in the Community care services and with the introduction of various acts to empower or to protect the interest of adults it has given new dimensions to the health care sector. Also 5 key principles of attaining good delivery services in context of community care is discussed.

Task 2

Care Plan is a plan which provides the nursing staff to perform certain activities towards the individual care of the client. Every care plan is different because every person doesn't have the same issue with its health as the other is having. Care plan is made to provide continuity of the care and it is a means of communicating and organizing the actions of staff members of the clinic. Care plan identifies which observations to make, what are the actions that needs to be carried out, what instructions are for the staff and family members of client. Strength and Weaknesses of a Care plan which has been developed for Five Star Dewsbury Care Home is:

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  • Highly-skilled staff.
  • History of successful Open day events.
  • Clinic has a strong ethics of openness and commitment.
  • Patients wanting to get involved.
  • Local charities.


  • Sometimes nurses are not available when patients come.
  • Currently open day events are flop.
  • Staff not clear in their role.
  • Services to stretched for additional activity.

Task 3

Five Star Dewsbury Care Home wants to set a care plan and the proper care plan for them to undertake should involve these components: Three stages through which a care plan can be incorporated effectively is: Diagnosis the problem, Goals and outcomes and Nursing Orders.

3 Stages of care plan

Assessing needs

A diagnosis is used to define the appropriate plan for the care of the individual. It is used to provide the actual problems or issues faced by the clients. It allows clear communication among the care plan team and the collection of data in order to improve the health of the patient. A nursing diagnosis is a combination of a client's physical, sociocultural, psycho logic and spiritual response to its disease or health problem. Nursing diagnosis takes birth when the individual's responses changes.

Care Planning

Goal in case of care plan is to achieve good health of the client, which can be done through only proper managing the nursing orders. Goals and outcomes always have been contrasting words. Goal is a general statement and outcome is specific. For Example a goal might be that clinic has to improve a individuals health and outcome is that patient should attain something up to certain date.


Orders are instructions to the staff of clinic to achieve the desired health of a client. A nursing order should contain: the date on which clients health should be attained, action or the activities that needs to be undertaken by the nurses to achieve the health. The time element that how much time it will take to improve the health condition of the patient.

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After this 3 stages of health care plan, it is measured that the actions which are planned are appropriately taken into account or not and if not then what are the reasons for the failure. care plans help students to think creatively and how they can carry more personal approach towards a individual to make his/her health grow in a positive manner.


From the above task, it has been concluded that from the 19th century to 21st century their has been a significant rise in the Community care services. With high level of developments in this sector various health agencies have been set-up to provide health care services and with the introduction of various acts to empower or to protect the interest of adults it has given new dimensions to the health care sector. This report has examined the factors that needs to develop the effective health care plan in context with the Five Star Dewsbury Care Home. Further more the report has laid its emphasis on the 3 stages of a Care plan.


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