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An essay is a piece of content where writers express their point of view and argument. As a scholar, you must have been asked to submit certain types of essays in your academic career, and thus, you must be aware of the difficulties faced by students while writing this scholastic document especially when it comes to the tricky ones like compare and contrast. That is why, we, at Instant Assignment Help, have come up with the pool of writers who have been offering compare and contrast essay help to college-goers for years. They are familiar with all the prerequisites that are necessary to submit a top-notch essay. So, rely on our compare and contrast essay writing service once before it gets too late.

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Students from the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia have been taking our writing assistance for their compare and contrast essay and have managed to score highest grades in their class. Now, it’s your turn to achieve the marks that you have always dreamt of. Without any delay, connect with our team and take compare and contrast essay help from experts.

Compare and Contrast Essay: A Brief Explanation

The primary motive to write a compare and contrast essay is to analyze the link between two different subjects, ideas, or theories that can be compared to each other. Only those two elements that can be linked together in a significant way must be selected. While writing compare and contrast essay, students are supposed to compare, i.e., mention the similarities and contrast, i.e., point out the dissimilarities by evaluating the subject matter.

As explained by our compare and contrast essay help providers, this paper highlights and identifies unknown facts and details and imparts the readers with fresh insight. Compare and contrast essay writing tasks are assigned to scholars so that they can bring the given subjects into focus and prove how one is better than the other. Of course, these elements must be compatible or similar enough to be compared with each other, such as two movies, countries, past events, players, historical periods, etc.

What Makes Students Seek Writing Assistance for Their Essay?

Students’ life is not a cakewalk; they have to deal with multiple tasks within 24 hours a day which include managing regular classes, studying for exams, part-time jobs, and much more. And when it comes to writing a complicated essay like compare and contrast, it gets difficult to accommodate it to already hectic schedule. However, other than time constraint, there are various other reasons why students prefer taking compare and contrast essay help from the experts. Take a look:

  1. Scholars are not aware of the structure that is followed while writing a compare and contrast essay. Most of them do not know how to write a thesis statement, introductory paragraph, and conclusion properly.
  2. They are confused regarding the comparison and differentiation that they have to make while comparing their subject matter, so they avail compare and contrast essay writing service from the professionals who are adept at preparing a scoring essay.
  3. There are certain guidelines that are essential to follow while citing sources that are used in the paper, but college students lack knowledge about the correct rules, and thus seek help for their compare and contrast essay from us.
  4. There are various international students who struggle with the English language. For them writing a complicated essay like contrast and comparison is no less than nailing jelly to the wall as it demands the use of interesting and unique vocabulary and effective sentence framing.
  5. In contrast and comparison essay, you are required to conduct in-depth research about the two subjects and ensure that all the garnered information and data is genuine or not. However, this is easier said than done, so we suggest you take compare and contrast essay help from the experts who have been writing college essays for years now.

While hiring us for writing compare and contrast essay, students are assured to get rid of all the aforementioned worries. Our writers follow a set procedure to prepare essay which consists of research, analysis, proofreading, editing, etc. So take online help from us for your compare and contrast essay, and see what wonders we can do for your grades.

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Steps to Writing an A+ Compare and Contrast Essay

One reason why most students fail to submit a scoring compare and contrast essay is that they lack the correct knowledge regarding the steps that need to be followed while writing the academic paper. Have a read through a step-by-step guide that our writers of contrast and compare essay have prepared:

First: Consider the subject

It is not possible to write even an average compare and contrast essay if you haven’t read about the topic that you have been assigned. When you go through different write-ups, you are able to collect more information and details about the subject matter. You can make notes in a diary and highlight the significant points. This will make your compare and contrast essay writing task convenient and easy.

Second: List all the similarities and differences

Once you have read all the material that you come across about your topic, mark the points of how two subjects are different and similar to each other. If you think that you are organized, then prefer jotting down a major idea. However, you can also make a proper list with columns to show the traits that they share and the ones they don’t. Remember not to ignore even a minuscule detail.

Third: Prepare your central argument

Our online compare and contrast essay help team recommends that students should focus on picking up key points that can make the essay more compelling. Those elements should be included in the content that are of central significance in the identity of both the subject matter. Study about their theme, message that each of them conveys and their main attributes, as these factors will provide you with the basis of your essay.

Fourth: Make an outline

In compare and contrast essay, you have to compare two subjects according to the pattern that you opt for, i.e., point-by-point or subject-to-subject (both of which have been discussed in detail later). Moreover, an introduction should be written to give the general idea about your argument. And conclusion should sum up all your evidence and state the importance of what you have talked about in your paper.

Fifth: Review

When you are done with the writing task, do not forget to proofread it at least twice and eliminate all the faulty arguments, and grammatical or spelling errors. You can ask your friend to review it for you. Once you are sure that you have checked all the flaws and corrected them, your document is ready for final submission.

We know that mastering all these steps overnight is not as easy as falling off a log. One needs enough time to perform these tasks efficiently. But you need not worry anymore, as the leading compare and contrast essay writing service providers are here to help you with your essay writing issues. Take assistance from them once and get a second to none academic document delivered to your mailbox.

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How to Structure a Compare and Contrast Essay?

There are basically two patterns that you can select from for writing a compare and contrast essay. They are:

1. Point-by-point or alternating pattern: Here writer needs to compare and contrast each point of similarity and difference successively. It starts with an introductory para containing a thesis statement, followed by several passages that discuss both the subjects together and ends with the conclusion that restates and summarizes all the major arguments and evidence.

format of point-by-point compare and contrast essay

2. Subject-by-subject or block pattern: As suggested by our writers who offer compare and contrast essay help, this one separates the main body of the content into two parts where first few paragraphs are dedicated to one subject, and later ones will focus on the second subject. The introduction and conclusion passages will remain the same as the alternating pattern.

flow diagram showing subject-by-subject format

You should stick to one of these to outline and write an appropriate essay without any confusion. The order in which subject matters have been explained in the introduction should also be the order they have been mentioned in the body content.

Take a look at some of the points that you need to consider while writing your essay:


The introduction is the first impression of your essay, so it should be able to grab the attention of readers. For this, ascertain to give:

  1. a brief history of your topic
  2. an anecdote to connect with your audience
  3. a surprising element, be it something shocking, joyful, or disgusting.
  4. a concise overview of what your essay is about.

It might be difficult for students to write a brilliant introductory paragraph, so instead of compromising with the grades, it is better to seek compare and contrast essay writing assistance from us.


State your points in the main body paragraph and provide sufficient details and evidence in support of your argument. Furthermore, do not be abrupt and use proper transitions to avoid confusion. For comparing your two subjects, you can use: similar to, in the same way, like, by analogy, compared to, as well, etc.
For contrast statements, you can include: despite, conversely, unlike, on the other hand, regardless, even though, on the one hand … on the other hand, however, although, regardless, etc.


The last paragraph concludes your essay and ties all the evidence together. According to our online compare and contrast essay helpers, here writers are supposed to summarize the points of differences and similarities.

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Why Take Essay Writing Help From Us?

You may wonder that why you should hire only us to write your compare and contrast essay when there are so many options available online. All of them offer exciting offers and claim to be the best in the academic writing industry. Then why us? Well, instead of indulging ourselves in a false talk, we would prefer to come to the point directly. So, the following points state the reasons why we are considered as the most reliable essay helpers in Gulf countries:

  1. We offer customized writing service to all our clients where they are free to mention their requirements regarding the topic, word limit, format, etc., and we will prepare a document just according to the specifications.
  2. Rest assured that your personal details will be well taken care of with our stringent privacy policy that is specially designed keeping the increasing case of cyber theft in mind.
  3. We handpick each of our experts with highest academic credentials who can proficiently write a scoring compare and contrast essay even on the trickiest topic.
  4. All our documents are written from scratch, and we also attach a free Turnitin report so that you can check the originality level of content for yourself.
  5. Our customer support team is ready to help you with all sorts of technical issues even at the wee hours.
  6. For seeking compare and contrast essay help from our professionals, you wouldn’t have to pay through the nose as we have charged our writing services reasonably.
  7. In case you think that certain changes are required in your paper, do not hesitate to ask for modifications that too without spending any extra money.
  8. If our compare and contrast writing service team fails to meet your expectations, then we promise to return your money then and there. All you have to do is give us a legit reason.

We are sure that by now, there is no reason left for you to not contact us for writing your contrast and compare essay. So contact our team via phone call, email, live chat, or mobile app that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. To register yourself with us, just follow three simple steps:

  • Fill in the ‘order now’ form and provide us with your personal details that have been asked, such as email address, name, country, phone number, so that we can keep you updated with all the latest offers and deals.
  • Mention your specifications which include format, citation style, topic, word count, and we assure you to write your essay accordingly.
  • Last, complete the process by making the nominal payment through the available secure payment gateway.

Now it’s time for you to relax and wait for a top-notch essay to be delivered to your doorstep within the stipulated time.


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