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The study of Data Analysis has become significant in recent times as it is applied to various fields such as marketing, insurance, engineering, etc. It is now an invaluable part of all these branches. This is the reason why college students are more inclined towards this subject. But, due to the complexity of the topics included in data analysis, scholars find data analysis assignment writing a difficult task. But, you need not worry at all as Instant Assignment Help is here at your service. Our team of data analysis assignment help experts consists of the professionals who have years of experience in top IT, insurance and marketing companies. So, avail our academic writing services.

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One out of every three student is now opting for engineering field. But, they always find it difficult to write a high-scoring assignment. Data analysis is no exception as it is a key concept in this field, be it mathematics or IT. So, they always search for data analysis assignment help, Instant Assignment Help is the perfect destination for all their academic problems. Our team that provides assistance to the GCC-based students are no ordinary people, but some remarkable personalities from the field who have worked for some of the most successful companies. Moreover, their work has been published in popular journals and magazines. This proves their competency in the subject and guarantees you a top-notch paper on any given topic. As research is an important part of data analysis assignment writing, students often find it difficult to get authentic sources. But, our data analysis assignment help experts make sure that they use reliable sources and undisputed facts. So you can rely on our service, and we assure you no regrets later on.

Data Analysis: Meaning and Importance

You need to understand the meaning of two words- Data which refers to the information, facts, figures. According to our data analysis assignment writing experts, analysis means to evaluate and gather the conclusion and result by using statistics and mathematical technique. So, data analysis includes retrieving data from different sources and analyzing them to discover the outcome. Although earlier it was done manually, advancement in computer technology has now enhanced the use of the data analysis.

It plays an important role for the government such as in census, taxation, planning, budgeting, etc. Private companies also use data analysis to introduce new products. In fact, many top companies are data-driven such as Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, etc. These companies have used data analysis tools smartly to influence their share in the global market and to increase their returns.

Types of Data Analytics

According to our data analysis help experts, there are three main types of data analytics depending on various aspects like time and knowledge:

1. Descriptive

Descriptive analysis is used to study the past events and how they can affect the future results. It basically provides the information as to what happened previously and gives an in-depth insight of causes for those particular event and behavior. They convert the raw data into simpler form so that an ordinary person can understand it easily. Examples are inventory, customer, sales, etc.

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2. Predictive

As explained by our data analysis assignment help experts, in predictive analysis, both historical and current events are taken into consideration to predict the future course of action. It is mainly based on probability and accuracy depends mostly on correct variables. As no one can assume the exact outcome, so companies use certain analytical tool to analyze the events and make their decision accordingly.

3. Prescriptive

It is related to both the above-mentioned analytic types. It selects the best solution by considering all the available parameters such as possible results, the reasons for the same, steps that are most beneficial. It suggests the best decision that can reduce the future risk. Due to its complexity, only big and well-established companies use this method.

Strategies for Data Analysis

As per our data assignment writing professionals, four main strategies of data analysis have been identified:


Also known as visual communication, it describes the data in a schematic form to help the people to understand the information in a visual context. It clearly and efficiently presents the facts through graphs, line bars, etc. Trends and correlations which may have been otherwise ignored are expressed prominently in visualization. It is actually a starting point to the analysis of data as it displays the patterns visually.


Here you try to make sense of data by framing questions and manipulating information to find the the best answers to them. This is done by looking at outliers and unexpected results in existing data. It also suggests you next logical steps and states the relationship between indicators and causes of that indicators.

Trend analysis

As suggested by our experts who provide help with data analysis, the main goal of trend analysis is to examine the facts over time. It compares one time period to another to check if any trend has increased or decreased during that phase.

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It is used both for qualitative and quantitative data to help the analysts to plan for the future. It links both, the information that is already collected and known and the one that is not clearly defined in any source. Here, facts and figures are combined with interviews to estimate the outcome in future.

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We have made the procedure of contacting us quite convenient for you all. You just have to follow three simple steps to place your order and get our services:

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By now, you must have realized that our assignment services are second to none. But, this is not it. There are many other additional benefits that you can avail with our data analysis assignment help, which include:

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