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The subject of data structure studies the alternatives using which we can organize our data and access the same when required. As this covers some of the most intricate topics, the scholars find it difficult to comprehending the concepts of this subject and drafting an academic paper on the same. We, at Instant Assignment Help, come to the rescue of such scholars who need help with writing assignments, term papers, research papers, theses, etc., and are based in the Gulf countries.

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An Overview of Data Structure

According to our data structure assignment help experts, this is a systematic way of organizing and accessing data. By studying the concepts of data structure, one gets to know how data are stored on a computer so that operations and the computations can be implemented efficiently. In simple language, Data Structure deals with the study of collecting and organizing data in a way that we can perform operations and effectively process these data. We use it so as to reduce the complexity and increase the efficiency.

Types of data structures

As conveyed by our Data Structure assignment writing help providers, there are two types of data structures, namely primitive and non-primitive data structures, and these are further sub-divided. Read further and know about them:

Primitive Data Structures

These are the basic data structures that instantly operate upon the machine instructions, and they have different representations on different computers. These are further divided into:

  • Integers
  • Floating point numbers
  • Characters
  • Strings
  • Pointers.

Non-primitive Data Structures

Non-primitive data structures are more complicated data structures and are derived from primitive data structures. They emphasize on grouping same or different data items with the relationship between each data item. These are divided into:


The array is a collection of the similar data type; you can insert and delete an element from the array without following any order. The size of arrays must be known so that compiling is completed without much hassles.

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This is yet another data structure which is further divided into the linear and nonlinear list. Under the linear list, stack and queues are covered while the non-linear part covers graphs and trees.

Linear list:-

Stack- Stack is a data structure that uses last-in-first-out strategy; this means that the element stored in last will be removed first. Stack has specific but very useful applications, namely solving recursion, evaluating pot fix expressions, solving tower of Hanoi, backtracking, etc.

Queue- Queue is a first-in-first-out data structure. The element that is added to the queue data structure first will be removed from the queue first. Dequeue, priority queue, and circular queue are the variants of queue data structure. These are used to access shared resources, multiprogramming, etc.

Nonlinear lists

Unlike linear data structures, nonlinear data structures’ elements are connected with each other. And, they are divided into trees and graphs.


The tree is a hierarchical data structure. The very top element of a tree is called the root of the tree. Except for the root element, every element in a tree has a parent element, and zero or more children elements.


The graph is a networked data structure that connects a collection of nodes called vertices, by connections, called edges. An edge can be seen as a path or communication link between two nodes. These edges can be either directed or undirected. If a path is directed, then you can move in one direction only, while in an undirected path the movement is possible in both directions.


The file is an enormous collection of data. The computer programs can use files to read the information that requires to be processed and to write the results of the processing. The data inside a file is organized in smaller packets of information, which are referred to as 'records' or 'lines.'

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