Developing a Learning Culture

Sample Report on Developing a Learning Culture

Introduction Developing a Learning Culture

Learning and development is the basic thing which is to be done in all organisation to provide their employees knowledge so that they can be able to make their employees more knowledgable. the employees should get the proper training, so that they can be able to understand things which is going inside the organisation. Blitzen engineering is the suppler of the automotive which makes the limited numbers of the prestige cars, there focus is mainly on to manufacture the cars with the best qualities they provide to there customers. In the below case the learning and developing skill are been explained, in that the problems which are been occurred by these issues.

1.Learning and developing issues raised in case

Learning and development is important as they help to ensure that the employees on an organisation are able to carry out there roles which they are playing, the training in any of the company is very necessary for the employees so that they can be able to do the work perfectively but for the company to do their work effectively and efficiently then they have to make their employees learn beyond their training process so that they can be able to skill their employees and provide them lot of knowledge, these things will help the employees to maximise their potentials and they will able to provide the valuable resources to the organisation. Learning and developing can be beneficial for the organisation which will help them to compete with there competitors and the employees and it will help the employees which will make them gain knowledge and the skills and can get to know about the new techniques. Training only is not necessary for the employees and the organisation to grow but it needed many more things, the messages which is given to the employees in an training period that will be delivered to them as they want to convey them. The issues which came in Blitzen company is like, self- centred attitudes among there employees while their training times. In training they have to listen and to be dependent to everyone so the self-centred attitudes of there should be kept in side other wise that will make problem. The other issues is that the people who are working in the organisation from some time and they had been fixed there way of doing the work, so while the training they will not like to make changes in their doing of the work they will feel that they are been trained because they do not know to work, so it will effect on their working conditions.

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2.Barriers which management face in creation of learning culture at Blitzen

There are many barriers which an organisation and employees can face while creating the learning culture in Blitzen. It is important to overcome the barriers so that organisation can make there growth. Some of the barriers which comes in the organisations are:-

Limited resources

after the training they employees as to do it practical to make it understand clearly but they did not get anything to do because of the limited resources of the organisation has to increase their resources or they should make better use of the resources available to them.

Passive leadership

there should be equality in an organisation so that no conflict can come in between them all, head member do not ask the hard question to themselves and no one else try to question them so it is important to ask the questions to each members and to discuss then things related to the organisation.

Non- learning culture

In organisation no one wants to learn they only need praise, reward, promotions. All individual wants to get the success in individually not in team. So this can make barrier in learning they do not want to learn anything they just want to work as they know to do.

Resistance to changes

the people in organisations specially working from some time does not want to make any changes in doing their works they only need to work as they had been set to do, so these are that people who do not need to work in different ways and not like to learn new technologies.

Selective attention

This barrier is occurred due to not paying proper attention the things which are going on. All people are different they think differently so if they will not pay attention on the training then will understand one thing in different ways.

3.Investment skill development

It is important to develop the skills, it is good to do the training process in every organisation so that it will help the employees as well as the organisation to grow well. If the training is been given to the people then it can be done better, the development skills must be developed in the organisation so that all can be able to make organisation grow well. There should be an training and development in organisation so that the employees can be able to know about the new techniques and the technologies, if it is not been done then the organisation can not grow in the way they has to, because the development program can make many changes to make developments. It will help employees to get proper knowledge and proper ideas to do there work.

While the training and development skill are important in an organisation, but it can make negative impact from it, employees and the workplace can be also effected by it, if there are no proper tools to do the development plan then it can make bad impact on them. And maybe the ways in which it is been conducted is not liking by the employees, they want the proper environment to learn and do work if it is not there it will make issues for them to do work. Some of the employees like to do the work as they do so they do not like to do the changes in it, and they do not comfortable with the changes and with the new techniques.

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4.One size fit all approach

In each and every organisation there many people working in one place, in Blitzen there are also many peoples working over there and all employees are of different ages and different minds and categories so all have different type of thinkings and ways of doing work. After giving the training and doing development while they do their work then also they do according to there skills and abilities. No one can have the same qualities and abilities and the ways of doing things all do according to themselves. So forcing to make all the human resource same will no become successful, the different ideas and different thinking will make the organisation grow one ideas, ways, abilities only make one decisions if there are many different ways to do the same work are available them it can be more helpful to the organisation to make the proper growth. If one size fit all approach will implement in the human resource of Blitzen then it will only give loss to the company because the company is running good and had getting popularity from their talented engineers who are working very hard to make the unique products if they will do work in same way then there will be no unique thing will create and no customers get attracted to the company. So it is necessary to have different types of people and different minded people in an organisation to get new and better ideas so that they can make unique production. One kind of people together can make many types of different things different types of people can make different things and innovative things.

5.Advice to the HR manager

HR manager is that person who makes the plans and use to manage the other human resource of the organisation and take actions which are related to the human resource. They are the developing stone of the organisation. They are involved in training, compensation and benefits, recruitment, employee and industrial relation, etc. they are link between the organisation and the employees.

a) Learning needs of workers

Learning can be very much beneficial for the employees of the organisation, it helps to make there work better. The individual should learn to work together rather then doing individually it can be helpful in decision making or to make the work more effective. There are many benefits of learning which will help the employees in doing there work:-

  • It can make increase in the productivity, profit and efficiency of Blitzen.
  • It can improve the mindset of the engineers of the company.
  • They can be able to develop the sense of the ownership and the accountability.
  • There will be a culture of knowledge of inquiry and sharing.
  • The engineers will get the abilities to adopt the changes.

b) Methods of learning and development to meet the needs

Learning and developing is necessary for Blitzen company to make their company get more profit then before, for using this methods firstly it is necessary to create an learning culture in the workplace so that the employees can have the learning mind so it will not be difficult for that people while learning program. It is important to use the learning culture in Blitzen company. Methods of learning and development:-

Recognition to learning

if any of the employee learn successfully the new skills so their abilities should be recognized and the others should be encouraged which it. And they should give the employees something which will motivate that employee and others also to do better always.

Promote from within

the employees should get the encouragement within the organisation first, to have employees for the training is one of the advantage of the company which are ready for the big roles. They have to be encouraged on each step and should offer them the internal job posting to make them gain more knowledge.

Develop knowledge and information sharing into a formal process

if the employees share the knowledges and the information then it will make more encouragement, while sending the information formally then it should be made sure that the peoples who are needed to transfer the information had got it properly.

Formalize training and development plan

if the organisation needs to do the training and developing plans in then they have to make the proper plans so that it can be done without any problems and they can be able to influence their employees to take part in learning and developing, because it is beneficial to the employees also. If the plan is been made by taking the advice of the employees and as per their views also then it will be more effective and they will like to take part in learning happily.

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c) Expectations and responsibilities on the employees

As the supervisor is the boss of the workers, the employees listen to there orders, instructions. The growth of the supervisor is been seen by the preference of their employees. Functions or the responsibilities of the employees are:-

  • They have to plan the things which they has to do.
  • They have to do the work in an proper time and should make it efficiently.
  • They has to do the work according to the procedures.
  • They should be able to use the tools and equipments and has to be knowledgable about the new techniques.
  • They should try to solve the problems.
  • They know to maintain the relationship among themselves.
  • They should follow the rules and regulations.
  • Employees should take part in every activities as possible so that they can be able to take the proper knowledge of the things. It will help to make the company grow.
  • Employees has to make the proper use of the resources which are available to them.

d) learning culture

Learning culture is the group of the organisational conventions, values, practices and the processes. These help in the encouragement to the employees and to the organisation develop the knowledge skills, if Blitzen company encourages the learning culture then it will make the organisation to do in habit of continuous learning. Learning culture is beneficial for the employees to learn things more effectively. Has the enterprise environment rapidly changes. the company feel pressure to learn faster from their competitors. The competitor company is always two step further. It is important to make an learning culture in the company because it helps to make development in the company. Blitzen company should make the learning environment in company to make the employees learn more from it. the learning culture will help in doing the work more better, the employees can be able to gain the proper knowledge about each and every thing and by getting the proper knowledge they can be able to make the companies benefit, the company will get the proper work because the employees then able to do with the new techniques and can be able to use or operate the new technologies which are been introduced in the market. This method can help in competing with the competitors and to go further then them, and can innovate new products which the customers can be more attract with. There are some ways from which the development from the learning culture can been identified are:-

By providing the learning culture in the company will help in getting the knowledge of each and everything which is been required by the company to have with their employees to do make the growth of the company It can be identify that from these program employees are getting benefit or not by measuring their performance if it is been increased then it will be very much beneficial for them.

It can also be measured by the growth of the organisation if it makes growth to the company after been processing the learning culture in the organisation, because it will help the organisation to develop there performance.


It is been concluded from the above case that the Blitzen company is supplying the best and unique quality products which is been given to the customers and they are also liking it. The company is having the best engineers from the competitor also it is their advantages and because of the employees this company is surviving, so this company should mainly focus on the employees and provide them the things which are required to them and should make learning and developing programmes in the office to make the employees get the proper knowledge and can be able to know about the day to day inventions so that they can be aware of it and learn to make it use. And in the company there should be an learning culture so that employees should be in habit of learning the new things every day and can cooperate among themselves, it will also make increase in the knowledge of employees and by that the company will get the profit.


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