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Electrical is one of the principal branches of Engineering and a majority of students across all the gulf countries are enrolled in this field. Moreover, the curriculum is quite extensive and includes quite a lot of academic writing tasks. One such tedious task is assignment writing. Electrical engineering comprises theoretical and practical concepts in aplenty, and as a result, students often face difficulty in preparing assignments for the same.

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Why Students Need Electrical Assignment Writing Help?

As mentioned, assignment writing is an integral part of electrical engineering curriculum. The field of engineering regardless of the discipline is always challenging as it’s a massive undertaking for any student.

As a consequence of ever-growing industrial advancements and grid technologies, electrical branch of engineering studies in particular has become one of the toughest academic fields in recent times. It is difficult for college-goers to get the hang of something so dynamic and they often succumb to the academic pressure which makes them suffer from poor grades. If that wasn’t enough, then take a look at the following reasons why students often need to search for online electrical engineering assignment help:

  1. Writing electrical engineering assignments is an extremely time-consuming task.
  2. Addition of new and advanced applications frequently.
  3. Intricate concepts from disciplines such as electromagnetism, material science, calculus, quantum physics, and many more.
  4. Innumerable formulas and derivatives.

These were some of the most common reasons why students often need electrical engineering assignment writing services.

Concepts Covered Under Our Electrical Assignment Writing Services

As explained by our professionals who provide online electrical engineering assignment help, there are four basic concepts namely power generation, power transmission, power distribution and utilization that fall under this discipline, so take a look:

Power Generation:

Generation of electrical power refers to the process of conversion of all other forms of energy into electrical energy. This is achieved with the help of advanced electrical equipment and top-class facility known as power plants. Most widely used methods of power generation are listed as follows:

  • Thermal power plant : Uses coal and oil as a fuel to convert water into steam. The steam is powered to run turbines that convert rotational energy into electrical energy.
  • Hydro power plant : Uses potential energy of water to generate electricity.
  • Nuclear power plant : Uses fissionable radioactive materials to convert its heat energy into electrical energy.
  • Wind turbine power plant : Uses the kinetic energy of wind to generate electricity by rotating turbines.
  • Solar power plant : Uses UV-rays from sun to charge the photo voltaic cell. Stores the electrical energy into a DC power bank.

Power Transmission:

Transmission is another common concept asked by scholars quite frequently. It refers to the concept of transferring power from source to distribution points. There are various levels of power transmission ranging from 33KV to 765KV. According to our electrical engineering assignment writing experts, power transmission is a complex concept and includes a detailed study of material science and power equilibrium for the purpose of transmission system stability.

Power Distribution

As explained by our online engineering assignment help experts, power distribution refers to the method of allocating low order power channels to specific areas using a localized grid for the purpose of power utilization.

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Power Utilization

Utilization of power in simple terms is the usage of electrical power by various appliances. It is the final link of electrical power chain.

Branches of Electrical Engineering Covered Under Our Academic Writing Services

Power Engineering :

As the name suggests, power engineering is a branch of electrical field that studies about the equipment and machinery involved in all the four operations. Additionally, there are quite a lot of concepts other than machinery and equipment such as network sequence, operating principles of a power system, stability of a system, power system balancing, etc., that fall under this category.  
Machinery that is frequently asked by scholars regarding the assignment includes motors, generators, and transformers.

Transformers: Transformer is a static device that converts magnitude of electrical energy from one level to the other. There are two basic types of transformers, single phase & three phase. However, designs can differ depending upon the usage and ambient parameters.

Generators : Generator is an advanced machinery used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy by the virtue of electromagnetism.

Motors : Motor is a dynamic machinery that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Depending upon the usage and efficiency, motor can be divided into plenty of types.

Control System Engineering

As stated by our electrical engineering assignment writing professionals, control system refers to an automatic regulation of various parameters that affect the functioning and stability of the system. Conventionally, it is divided into an open loop and a closed loop control system. Some of the related concepts include controllers, routh-hurwitz criteria for stability, Bode and Nyquist plots, etc.

Signal Process

Signal process engineering refers to the concept of analyzing and modeling of signals that are broadly utilized by various elements of an electrical power system. As explained by our electrical engineering assignment help experts, there are various attributes of signals like frequency and pitch that play a key role in defining the application and functioning of a signal. Some common signals are audio, digital, video, wireless, array, etc.

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Telecommunication and Instrumentation

Telecommunication systems refer to the field of engineering that revolves around the application of signals for transmitting data and information. It mainly includes computers and semiconductor devices. Instrumentation on the other hand, refers to the control panel for all the system equipment. These instruments are designed to sense parameters like voltage, current, temperatures, etc., for the purpose of control and system termination. Analog based electronic devices are often used for this process.

Our electrical engineering assignment writing professionals are skilled in all these aforementioned fields and create finest quality assignment document that fetches top grades every time.

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