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Every scholar must have written an essay at some point in their life, be it as a college admission essay or as an academic document assigned by their subject professor. However, it is not an easy task to score in essay writing that can get appreciation from teacher as it involves various factors that are not easy to deal with, such as researching, analyzing, extracting relevant information, etc. If you are also facing a problem with your essay writing work, then it’s time to keep your writing woes at bay. We, at Instant Assignment Help, are here with our essay help service to assist college-goers with their academic documents.

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One of the most common reasons that refrains students from submitting a scoring essay writing is that they are not clear about what essays should be like. Read further to know:

  1. It shows your personal views and opinions on the subject.
  2. It should have a purpose and a message to convey.
  3. You are required to consider various points of view and then write it with a clear understanding of the topic.

Our essay writing service providers are familiar with these significant details for writing an essay. So take the best essay help from us, and we assure you that you won’t regret your decision later.

Essential Components to Score in Essay Writing

According to our experts of essay writing service, the essay is a short academic composition which is derived from the French term “essai” or “essayer,” which means “trail.” An essay is a non-fiction content that discusses a specific topic. Nowadays, it has become an essential part of every degree program.

As a student, you will be asked to submit an academic essay by your professor that can score top grades in assessment. However, it is not a piece of cake to prepare a top-notch paper, you will have to learn about the various components that collectively constitute to make an excellent write-up, and for that, you need to work on your essay writing skills. Our best essay writing help experts have jotted down the elements that you need to include while writing your essay. Read below:


Remember to format your essay according to the requirement of your professor which includes specifications and college guidelines. These can be page margin, heading, font, line width, etc., which improve the readability of your paper and also ensure appreciation from the subject teacher. If formatting your essay is a hard nut to crack for you, then you can take the essay writing service from our experts who are adept at all the format styles.

Thesis Statement

You may be required to include a thesis statement in your college essay writing, which is written to explain the purpose and topic of the paper. To submit a scoring essay, make sure that it specifies the major arguments that are focused on in your document, outlining the paper’s organizational style at the same time. Our online essay help professionals have explained it with the help of an example, in an argumentative essay, thesis statement states the points that you believe along with the evidence to support them. Similarly, in a research paper, it mentions the subject and findings that are discussed in the whole essay writing.

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Problem or Question

This part includes the intellectual context of the paper. The topics or questions that are assigned for essay writing are mostly concerned with the current misunderstanding or issue. So, academic essay writing task intends to clarify these unsolved problems that would otherwise have remained obscured. Students need to establish such question in the first two to three paragraphs.

Body Paragraphs

The major part of an essay is body paragraphs, each of which serves different motives. Initial ones are used to introduce the topic and making readers familiar with the background of the issue. Next, you move on to providing facts and data to prove your points and arguments. You can also give general details about the issues that you are addressing in your paper. Our essay writing providers suggest exploring one idea in each paragraph as it will keep your write-up clear and focused.


The evidence that you provide in your essay decides the fate of your paper, i.e., whether it will be ranked second to none or rejected by your professor. Make sure that you include facts that were not discovered earlier or overlooked by other researchers. Even if you attach evidence that has already been covered by others, it will still persuade readers that your approach is effective. As an essay writer, you are obligated to consider all the counter-evidence which can make your argument more complicated.


Your academic grades highly depend on this part of your essay which ties together all the preceding paragraphs and restates the thesis statement. Always remember that no new information or detail should be included in the concluding paragraph, but emphasize the points that you have already mentioned earlier in the main content. Of course, you can mention some questions that are still unanswered.


Your essay may include certain facts, information, statements, etc., that you have taken from various sources. It is important to acknowledge the original authors as failing to do so can tag your document as plagiarized. That is why referencing list is attached with every write-up to mention the source of the information that you have used in your paper. Also, it shows how much of research you have conducted for your essay writing. It can be either in-text citing, where you quote the source within the main content or bibliography/footnotes that are listed in the end. You can also take guidance regarding referencing from our online essay help providers who are familiar with all the different citation styles, such as MLA, APA, Harvard, etc.

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It is not necessary that every student is proficient at each of these steps and thus they struggle with their academic essay writing tasks. If you find yourself on the same wavelength, then do not delay seeking our assistance. Rest assured that the experience and knowledge of our writers will provide you esaay help that will score nothing less than an A grade.

Different Types of Essays That Students Need to Learn About

To get the desired academic success, you need to be proficient at writing various types of essays. There is hardly any chance that your professor will tell you which one you are expected to write, so you might have to figure out yourself according to the question that has been asked in your academic essay help. You are also required to know the proper format and structure of all kinds of essay writing. Read further to know more about these essays:

1. Argumentative Essay Writing

This essay writing aims to get readers agree with the writer’s opinion and views. It can be done by manipulating them and changing their attitude toward something. The argumentative essay help needs to have enough facts, illustrations, evidence to support the arguments along with some attention to counter-opinions.

2. Narrative Essay Writing

As the name suggests, this essay writing is like narrating a short story, but there is a difference between a brief story, and narrative essay and, i.e., later is written in an essay format. The writer shares personal experience on any of the given topics so always the first person ‘I’ is used in this. We have delivered hundreds of narrative essays under our essay help service.

3. Descriptive Essay Writing

You are required to explain the features and traits of person, subject, or event along with many other details. Try to play with five main senses, hearing, sight, touch, taste, smell, and use a variety of adverbs and adjectives to describe different words and situations because this makes it easy to understand the things better. Students often find it difficult to write descriptive essay efficiently and thus seek the best essay writing help from us.

4. Persuasive Essay Writing

It intends to persuade the audience to do something or otherwise. Scholars often get persuasive essay confused with the argumentative essay help, but there is a slight difference between the two. The former one uses softer approach and appeal more to emotions and values while the latter one is more about mentioning facts and evidence to prove a point to the audience. Its main motive is to get the readers support to one’s point of view.

5. Expository Essay Writing

The expository essay writing requires you to have great writing as well as research skills. You would have to collect the data from various sources, analyze each of them, select the relevant facts and eliminate the irrelevant ones, and lastly come to conclusion and findings. The effectiveness of this essay doesn’t only depend on your subject knowledge but also on your personal experience. We understand how time-consuming it is to write an expository essay, but you can take essay help from our professionals whose essay writing skills are what students across the Gulf countries vouch for.

6. Definition Essay Writing

It is clear from the name that this essay writing defines the subject. It can’t be similar to what dictionary states, but it has to get on a higher level than that. As suggested by online essay help providers, your definition should also mention the expert opinion, sources, origin, and how people perceive a particular subject.

7. Compare-&-Contrast Essay Writing

You may be asked to compare two seemingly similar objects in this type of essay help. It can be anything, such as events, subject, places, or people. You have to evaluate the points of similarities and differentiation through information that is collected from the various sources.

8. Critical Essay Writing

No, it is not focused on only criticizing something, but it evaluates the subject critically and gives reasons as to why it is good or bad. If you think that something is great, then you would have to provide reasons for the same. Similarly, if you are against it, then you have to enlist the faults that bother you.

9. Cause and Effect Essay Writing

As the name explains, this essay writing shares the causes of a particular thing and its effects on something else. It can be possible that several causes can result in one single effect, and one cause can contribute to numerous effects. Essay Writing does get tricky sometimes, in such scenarios do not shilly-shally and get in touch with us to avail our essay writing service.

10. Process Essay Writing

Have you ever looked at instructions about how to use a certain device or product? If yes, then you might find it easy to work on process essay. It provides a step-by-step guide to do something and gives detailed explanation of each step. The transition steps that are included in process of essay writing are:

  • in 1st place,
  • initially,
  • next,
  • eventually,
  • last but not least,
  • finally,
  • in conclusion.

Differentiating among all these various kinds of essay writing may be a challenging task for you, and it is possible that you might get confused while preparing your essay. Well, you need not worry as our team is here at your rescue. We have handpicked our writers who offer essay help to the college students based in the GCC member states. You can even ask for an essay that is prepared according to your requirements under our online custom essay writing service.

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It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication of our writers and the rest of the team to make us one of the leading essay writing help service providers in The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. To get assured of our quality of work, you can go through the samples available on our website. Here are some other features and benefits that stand us apart from our peers:

  • With our custom essay writing service, you can order for essay help and get your document customized according to your professor’s specifications.
  • Our subject-oriented writers are adept at providing writing assistance on any of the complicated topics, be it any field.
  • With us at your service, rest assured that your essay will be prepared from scratch to avoid any trace of plagiarized content.
  • We attach a free Turnitin report with all our orders so you can check the level of originality in your essay for yourself.
  • We also have a team of editors and proofreaders to ensure that your document is free from any technical errors or spelling slip-ups.
  • We offer affordable essay writing service because we are aware of the financial constraint of college students. Now you can take online essay help without putting a strain on your wallet.
  • Once we deliver an order, we also provide 100% ownership to the customers to ensure that none of our documents is resold.
  • We have a secure payment gateway to safeguard our clients from the threats of privacy infringement and cyber theft.
  • If you feel the need of certain modifications in your document, then feel free to ask for revisions that too without paying any extra amount.
  • In case you are not satisfied with our essay help service, feel free to ask for a refund. All you need to do is provide us with a legit reason.

So without wasting any more time, connect with the team of Instant Assignment Help via phone call, email, live chat, or mobile app that can run on both Android and iOS devices. You just need to follow a simple procedure to get yourself registered with us. Take a look:

  • Fill in the ‘order now’ form and mention your personal details, such as name, contact number, email ID, country, etc.
  • Specify the word count, citation style, format, topic, and other details that you want us to follow while your essay writing.
  • Lastly, make the payment through the available options.

That is it! Now it’s time for us to start our work and you just relax and wait for your order to get delivered to your doorstep.


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