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Instant Assignment Help UAE is an online academic writing service provider that aims to deliver the best writing assistance to students based in various Gulf countries. The writers that we have on board are hold highest academic credentials and years of experience in delivering you a paper that is custom written, completely original, and meet your university guidelines and standards. They work on every document with utmost perfection so that you can achieve your dream grades and enjoy academic success.

The main motive of our services is to help you with research, as well as gain knowledge in the given subject so that you can create your own, 100% authentic work. This means that the document we deliver you should only be used as a reference to create your own piece of work and not be submitted directly to the your professor.

We have this Fair Use Policy to make you understand how should you use the work that we deliver to you. We have tried to keep it comprehensive, but if at any point you have doubts, then get in touch with us immediately.

Why Do We Have a Fair Use Policy?

We provide writing services to students so that they can conduct further research and utilize the information to write their own documents. The best way to get benefit from it is by considering it as a guide to take notes and ideas, conduct further research, and then create your own scholarly work. Passing off the work purchased from us to your professor may seem tempting as it saves you from the hard work of researching and writing a paper. But we strong suggest you not to do so beacuse our work is copyrighted and submitting it directly to the university will be a form of plagiarism.

How Should You Use the Work That We Provide You?

The reference papers that our team of writing experts creates give you an example of how a specific topic should be handled so that you can form an entirely different view on that subject matter. You should take a read through each section and paragraph to note down important points and then build your own ideas and arguments from them. Use the resources that we provide you to conduct further research and gather more relevant information.

By doing so, you will surely be able to compose an outstanding document. Make sure that your work is 100% original and completely based on your own ideas and perspective. Although this may take a lot more time and efforts than simply submitting our work as your own, you will reap benefits by scoring well not only in your internal assessment but in your final exams as well.

Why Can’t You Submit Our Work to Your Professor as Your Own?

Our team of academic experts collect the relevant data and compose excellent papers to help you acquire thorough knowledge of the topic and create your work with a new perspective. They write every document from scratch by following your university guidelines and standards. Although passing off their work to you professor as your own might not end up being flagged by plagiarism scanners, he/she could realize the fact that you don’t have enough expertise to write such a well-formatted and deeply researched paper.

You may even be asked to explain the work back to them, and if you fail to do so, your professor would understand that it is not your original work. And if you have handed our work as your own, then you will be found guilty of doing plagiarism which can lead to serious consequences. Even if you rephrase our work, it will still be a form of plagiarism.

So, we strongly recommend you to abide by this Fair Use Policy and use our documents for research and reference purpose only. By doing so, you will get a good understanding of the topic, improve your grades, and feel satisfied that you have done an honest job.

So, Why Should You Buy Reference Papers From Us?

After learning that passing off our work to your professor as your own can put your grades into trouble and might even lead to your expulsion from the college, you may be thinking that why should you buy services then. To this, we have to say that our documents are the most powerful research tools available to students worldwide. By taking reference from them, you will save your efforts and time that you invest in sorting through massive amounts of research material, coursebooks, and university documentation. Furthermore, our model papers will provide concise analysis, in-depth research, as well as opinions and views on a your topic that you may never be able to get on your own. They

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If you have questions about this Fair Use Policy or any discrepancy/grievance against it, then send us an e-mail at [email protected] or call our toll-free number (+971 8000320011).

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